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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Review: Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

Title: Fix Her Up
Author: Tessa Bailey
Series: Hot and Hammered #1
Format: Ebook
Release Date: June 11th, 2019
Length: Novel (397 pages)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Free via Publisher
Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Noble
Rating: 4.5-stars

Melissa's Review:

Fix Her Up is book 1 in the Hot and Hammered series. I've enjoyed several Tessa Bailey books in the past so knew I had to read this one. I'm glad I did since this book is a swoon worthy romance you won't want to put down. If you love Contemporary Romance you're going to adore this novel.

Georgette Castle (aka Georgie) bucked the family trade of renovating houses to be a clown for birthday parties. Georgie's childhood crush and brother's best friend Travis Ford is back in town after his baseball career ends. He just wants to wallow in peace but Georgie isn't letting him have that. Once he cleans up his act, he starts working for Georgie's family's renovation company and hanging out with her in the off hours. Sparks are there and when Travis gets wind of a job that is interested in him our duo decides to have a fake relationship so the potential job sees how much Travis has changed. Georgie's childhood crush is turning into the real thing but I was wondering how Travis would handle this since he's a love em and leave em type of guy.

Fix Her Up is a romance you won't want to miss. I really loved this book and the characters. This is one of the girl + older brother's best friend tropes and it just worked really well. This also has some female empowerment tones going where the ladies in the book try their best to lift one another up to achieve what they want in life. I can appreciate that. I'd highly recommend this to Contemporary Romance lovers, you don't want to miss out.

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