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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Review: Scribd Unlimited Membership

So I'm shaking things up and not doing a book review today. I wanted to give you some details on another membership program like Audible/Kindle Unlimited/etc but a bit different. My membership through Audible ran out and I ran across Scribd. It sounded too good to be true with it's "unlimited* number of books, audiobooks, magazines, and more" for the low monthly price of $8.99.

I went ahead and signed up on 10/08/18 and so far I've listened to 3 full audiobooks, and read 1 ebook. This is when I ran into an issue. The rest of my saved titles that I want to listen to next are now marked "Available Soon" and shows me that they'll be ready to listen to on 11/08/18, basically when my monthly membership renews.

I emailed Scribd to see what was going on, and I also googled to see if this was an issue I could resolve. It looks like if you read/listen to a certain number of books/audiobooks per month they start throttling what you can do next. You're not fully cut off, but the selection is quite limited at that point. 

There is also this (LINK) information that Scribd sent out to previous subscribers that new subscribers aren't able to find easily which explains a bit about the Unlimited* plan from when they switched over from a credit based plan.

"Our new unlimited offering will be truly unlimited for the vast majority of subscribers, but occasionally some of these most voracious readers will see a temporary reduction of the catalog for a portion of the month."

Would I recommend this?
Yes, and no. I typically listen to 1 audiobook per week, so 4-5 per month. I quit getting the selection I wanted after finishing 3 audiobooks. If you're not a heavy user of audiobooks and just do 1-3 a month, this might be a good fit for you! I don't believe the ebooks are affected when they start throttling what you can pick from so if you're an ebook reader this might be a good option. Personally, I'm probably going to cancel before my free 1 month trial ends, but I might resubscribe at some point in the future since this does have audiobooks that aren't available from my library and it's cheaper than Audible.

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