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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Random + Thrifty Thursday [256]

Happy Thursday everyone! I don't think I've ever posted about my pets so we'll make that happen this week. I've had Aria (Princess I'll claw your eyes out) for a year now and she has a unique temperament to say the least but I <3 her. We got Bella (puppy) a week or so before this past Christmas, she's 4 months old now and teething like crazy. It's taken some serious adjustments for Aria to get used to having a puppy around but they're mostly getting along now. Aria's yawning in the second picture, I just happened to take the picture when it looked like she's going crazy and hissing haha. Bella just adores Aria but wishes she'd actually play with her.

Thrifty Thursday is a post all about cheap and/or free ebooks. Please verify the cost of the books before you purchase in case a sale is no longer active. Enjoy!

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