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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Review: The Merciless by Danielle Vega

Title: The Merciless
Author: Danielle Vega
Series: The Merciless #1
Format: Paperback
Release Date: June 12th, 2014
Length: Novel (279 pages)
Genre: YA Horror
Source: Purchased
Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Noble
Rating: 2.0-stars

Melissa's Review:

The Merciless is book one in The Merciless series. I grabbed this paperback on sale during Black Friday shopping. It sounded interesting for a YA, but didn't quite hit the mark for me.

Sofia Flores is the new girl at school and is trying to find her place in her new environment. After meeting a few people, she winds up befriended by the most popular girls in school. They all seem like normal girls until they kidnap a classmate they're convinced is possessed by a demon so they can do an exorcism. It quickly became a how far will someone go to fit in type situation which is appropriate for a book about high schoolers. This book is like a cross between Mean Girls and a horror movie. Which I initially thought would be awesome to read, but I started having issues around the time the girls kidnapped their classmate which is fairly early in the book. I didn't find the super violent bits a good fit for me though and the content seems possibly too much for the target audience. That's just my opinion though and I'm sure some people won't have any issues with it. I personally didn't think the torture bits were well suited for YA though.

While I didn't love The Merciless, I will say I did read it almost straight through just to find out the ending. It was a quick read and the story gets you intrigued, everything seems normal then the possible paranormal gets thrown in. If you're looking for a Mean Girls type read and enjoy paranormal that gets dark I think you'd probably enjoy this book.

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  1. Quick is good, but as for me reading it, eh

    1. This one is one I'd say grab from the library if you ever are inclined to try it just in case.

  2. At last you were curious about the end. sorry it wasn't more.

  3. Replies
    1. It was for me, though I did have to finish it to see how it would end haha

  4. Teens love horror. That might be why it was written. But I'm with you--I'm not into such malicious characters.

    1. Probably so, but dang some of those scenes were too gory even for me and I love horror movies >.<

  5. Sounds interesting. I don't mind violence and dark parts, but in a YA book, it needs to be told in a way that doesn't encourage that kind of behavior. Like main character being horrified what her new friends are doing. I don't mind gore, unless it is gore for the goriness. I don't want to read a story just to see how far it can go to gross me out. Great review.

    Melanie @ Hot Listens & Rabid Reads

    1. The main character was freaked out by it but man I still felt like it was over the top.