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Friday, August 12, 2016

Review: Never Seduce a Scot by Maya Banks

Title: Never Seduce a Scot
Author: Maya Banks
Series: The Montgomerys and Armstrongs #1
Format: Ebook
Release Date: September 25th, 2012
Length: Novel (372 pages)
Genre: Historical Romance
Source: Purchased
Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Noble
Rating: 4.0-stars

Melissa's Review:

Never Seduce a Scot is book one in The Montgomerys and Armstrongs series. I've been loving all the different Historical Romance books I've tried lately and had to grab this one when I saw it was on sale and a blogger friend recommended it. I had no clue MBanks wrote Historical Romance, and boy do I need to see if she has several more, I loved this one!

We start off the book with the King telling the Montgomerys and the Armstrongs that their children will be getting married. The families have been feuding for awhile now and neither wants any part of this, but they must do as the King says. This is when we get to know about Eveline Armstrong. She's not your typical character and I quickly loved everything about her. She's deaf and can read lips, but everyone thinks the accident she was in caused brain damage and she's not all there, they have no clue that she's deaf. She keeps it that way for a few reasons which you find out later in the story.

She's being married to Graeme Montgomery, who is strong, hunky and runs his clan. When they first meet, Eveline is surprised to actually be able to hear a slight noise, it turns out his deep voice is the cause. She still isn't able to understand what he's saying by listening, but she can hear slightly, which she is thankful for. She's happy for the most part about the arranged marriage, the only downside is having to leave the safety and security of her family home. After they're married, they head to the Montgomery's home and she does the best she can in a place where everyone seems to hate her. Slowly but surely, she wins over a few people, but mostly she's not treated well. I did love how Graeme treated her and how he slowly came to love her even though they were forced into the situation.

As I said already, I really loved this book and need to grab the rest of the series. I loved that the author included a deaf character as a leading character, and it was realistic. Eveline was admirable, she knew what she wanted to do and went after it, which I can always appreciate. Graeme treated her well and cared about her, he was just a sweetie. I'm pretty sure this ebook is still on sale, and highly recommend you grab it if you haven't read this series yet!


  1. I heard a lot about this author but I haven't tried her yet, I need to!

    1. I enjoyed this one so much I bought two of her other Historical Romance books this week :D

  2. I loved this book. Eveline and Graeme were awesome together and I loved their slow building romance. Great review.

  3. A deaf character in a historical. Interesting.

  4. oh this is such a great book right??!!! I just knew you would love it. I love the way Graeme and his brothers were with Eveline. So perfect. And it makes for one those re readable romances too---the last section of the book makes me cry every time. Poor Eveline. Hope you enjoy her other books.

    1. So thankful for you telling me I needed to get this <3333

  5. Nice. And the title alone makes me want to say, why not!? lol.

  6. Ahh I need to read these. I've had them on the shelf for years. Glad it was a good one for ya :)

    1. Oh yes, loved it enough that I grabbed two of her others recently and loving those too!