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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Review: Autumn Thorns by Yasmine Galenorn

Title: Autumn Thorns
Author: Yasmine Galenorn
Series: Whisper Hollow #1
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Cassandra Campbell
Release Date: October 27th, 2015
Length: Novel (316 pages/12.5 hours)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: Free via Publisher
Buy: Audible, Amazon, Barnes & Noble
Rating: 4.0-stars

Melissa's Review:

Autumn Thorns is book one in the Whisper Hollow series. The book revolves around our leading lady, Kerris Fellwater, who moves back to a small Washington town called Whisper Hollow. She grew up in Whisper Hollow but moved away as soon as she turned of age so she could away from her awful grandfather. When Kerris got the news that her grandparents died, she knew she had to take her grandma's place as the town's spirit shaman. A spirit shaman has some magical abilities to get ghosts back into their graves, it's a really interesting power and quite necessary for their town. Kerris is pretty much untrained as a spirit shaman but luckily has the help of a few people in town. She meets a lot of new people and has to hit the ground running with what seems to be nightly ghost experiences she has to deal with. Everyone in town is not so eager for her to be there though, someone has a sinister plan against Kerris and she has to figure out who is behind it.

On one of her first days back in town, Kerris meets her neighbor, Bryan. He tags along on her spirit shaman duties a few times and we find out that he's a shapeshifter. We also find out that each spirit shaman has a guardian that happens to be a shapeshifter. It falls into place easily and the romance aspect between the two felt a bit rushed, but understandable considering they're supposed to be mates if they choose to be. I'd like to see Bryan take a more active role and not just stand back and go with the flow, though.

I've been a fan of Yasmine Galenorn for awhile now and this book was exactly what I was looking for. Her writing style always hooks me, she tends to have strong female leads with magical abilities. I'll be interested to see where this series goes, and can't wait for the next book, Shadow Silence, which releases in September 2016. All in all, I quite enjoyed this audiobook and would recommend it for fans of magical or ghost reads.

This was my first Cassandra Campbell audiobook narration and I think I'll have to check out a few more. I enjoyed her female and male voices, and though she's not super animated while narrating, it kept my attention.


  1. Oh I like the sound of this one. I've read other stories where the heroine controls spirits and they've always been really interesting.

  2. This looks like a very engaging paranormal read! It's definitely on my radar now. Great review :)

  3. Interesting setup. And Kerris... What a name.

  4. Okay. I had to do a double take and look closely at the man on the cover. For some reason he reminded me of Liam Nelson. lol.

    1. LOL now that you say that I can kind of see it :P

  5. This has been on my TBR for a while, and I need to get to it!

  6. I don't know... I'm not a big fan of the athor so I don't know if this series would be for me...

    1. Probably not then :) Her writing style is the same as her other books.

  7. Sounds like a good series. I have the first two books of her dragon series but haven't read them yet. From what you said, I think I will like them based off of her writing style. Once I'm all settled into the new place I will have to crack them open. :)

    1. I'll be grabbing the next book when it's out :) I hope you enjoy!

  8. I've not tried her (or the narrator) before but heard good things about Galenorn. I'll have to see if my library has any of her on audio :D