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Monday, December 14, 2015

Bookish Christmas Gift Ideas

It's getting close to Christmas again, this year went by so quickly. Right about this time I figure out that I forgot to buy someone a gift and have to order a present at the last moment. If you're like me, and looking for a Christmas gift for the book lover in your life, or just want to pick something up for yourself, check out some of my suggestions below.

Olde Book Pillow Classics - ThinkGeek
My boyfriend bought me these for Christmas last year and I love them!

Paperback Cologne - Demeter
I haven't smelled this cologne/perfume before, but I'm intrigued to say the least! Demeter has some pretty out there scents so there's something for everyone in their selection. If you want to smell like Dirt or Crayon, you can.

Bookish Candles - FrostBeard
I haven't smelled these either, but I'd love to get one as a gift. With scents like Bookworm, Book Cellar or Trashy Romance Novel you've got your candle lover covered.

BookBook - Twelve South
I had one of these for my old phone and loved it. It's a wallet and cell phone case in one. And it looks like a mini leather bound book.

Bookish shirts - Your Cool Tees
This shirt made me laugh because it's oh so true. Shirt.woot has some awesome ones too!

Lastly, if you're really out of time and can't get it shipped, just grab a gift card to a local or online bookseller. My suggestions would be Half Price Books (if you have one locally), B&N or Amazon.


  1. I love the phone cover and the perfume....that is awesome!!

    1. I miss my old phone cover, that was the only case I used for a long time. It held up really well :) One day I'll try the perfume too and will report back to yall ;)

  2. lol so much fu! thanks for sharing!

  3. Cool ideas! Curious over the Demeter scents, bottle of Dirt sounds like a funny gift to give someone.

    1. lol I wonder if it really smells like dirt. I'm betting it's somewhat close. I had a guava (?) perfume by them I think and it smelled quite close to the fruit.

  4. LOL love the trashy romance novel candle!

    1. hahaha I'm tempted to buy it, it sounds like it smells yummy :D