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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Review: Crazy Over You

Title: Crazy Over You
Author: Wendy Sparrow
Series: Taming the Pack #3
Format: ebook
Release Date: July 28th 2015
Length: Novel (254 pages)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Source: Publisher
Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Noble
Rating: 3.5-stars 

Melissa's Review:

LeAnn Wilcox is a woman on a mission. The book opens with LeeAnn naked and holding a knife to Sheriff Travis Flynn's throat. She's trying to find her brother, a member of his pack and wants to know where he is. That's one way to introduce yourself to your brother's alpha, I guess. What she didn't know is that everyone is sure that her brother is dead since he betrayed the pack. She is still determined to find him and doesn't believe that he's dead.

Oh and to throw a kink in her mission, when she's naked and holding the knife to the sexy sheriff's throat, she scent matched (think soul mates). She's determined not to settle down with Travis and his pack of lycans, she just wants to find her brother and get out. But don't you know Travis has other plans. He's slowly chipping away at her heart.

The book started a bit slow for me, but really it was just setting up the pack dynamic and building for the surprises. I enjoyed LeAnn's character after a bit, since she did seem a bit crazy at the beginning. I liked Travis's character from the start though. It was an interesting read, and I'd definitely read book two. If you're looking for a whodunit with weres I suggest you pick this one up.


  1. Even if it's a bit slow at first, it sounds interesting in a whole.

    1. It was pretty interesting! I hadn't read a werewolf book in a bit so this fit nicely. :)

  2. It sounds really interesting! And I like that cover. <3

    1. I'll admit it, the cover caught my eye haha Pretty good book, I'll probably pick up book 1 and 2 :)

  3. There's still world building in the third book? no wonder it was slow-ish

    1. It sounds like the pack split from a different one, so it was setting up the dynamics of the new pack. I think it was also done that way since LeAnn was "human".