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Friday, June 26, 2015

Fresh Fiction Box Not to Miss - June 2015

This is the second Fresh Fiction Box Not To Miss sent out. There are a few books I'll be reading in this bunch, and I'll use several of the swag items.

Total cost to me: $19.95
The normal cost is $24.95, the $5 off coupon code right now is FFBclub.

The box is monthly, and ships near the end of each month. It ships out of Plano, TX, which is a city over from me, so that's why I got it super fast.

Monthly contents:
1 NEW paperback 
4-6 free ebooks
4-6 swag items
1 Fresh Fiction swag

There are some variances in the boxes sent out. The variations being the paperback in your box, the ebooks, and some swag items.

Paperback + swag


Here are the items I received.

Montana Cherries - Kim Law ($9.99)

Rescued by the Buccaneer - Normandie Alleman ($3.95)
Death By Scones - Elizabeth Ashby, Jennifer Fischetto ($4.99)
Hex - Mackenzie L. McGuire ($3.99)
The Taming of the Bachelor - Jane Porter ($3.99)
Again, Alabama - Susan Sands ($4.99)
The Tartan MP3 Player - C.A. Szarek ($2.99)

Dafina Books - Bag
Robyn DeHart Jar Opener
Riptide Publishing Luggage Tag
Sweet Salvation Brewery - Avery Flynn bottle opener
Fresh Fiction Lollipop

If you add just the book and ebooks together the total was worth $34.89 (not including tax). I'm not going to add the swag value into the total but I did love some of them!

Do I think the box is worth it? 
It is a better box, value-wise this time around. However, I won't be reading all of the ebooks, some I will and am excited about. That being said I could have bought a few books I've been super excited about rather than get this box. I still love the idea, but I think I'll probably cancel this month.


  1. This one looks much better than next month, lol, I love the jar and bottle openers. Too bad they dont try to tailor the boxes or offer different types for different readers, maybe in the future they'll change it and upgrade!

    1. I have to admit, those swag items were my favorites in the box :D I'm hoping they do have a feature later on where you can specify genre(s) and such. I'm not going to read a time travel book, or historical romance. Maybe I'm just too picky though.

  2. Can I just get the swag? lol

    I saw another one like this, it's OWL box or something like that/ Have you checked that one out?

    1. Ha! I've seen it around but haven't looked into it really. I'll do so later and might sign up since I cancelled this one ;)

  3. nice! very nice! I love the swag myself espcially the bottle openers!

    1. Heyyy Sexxxy :D I had never seen an author do a bottle opener. Love it! :D

  4. Interesting idea! Too bad it fell a bit flat, that sucks.

  5. I am drawn to different book club by mail and book box by mail options, but like you, I have almost decided that I would rather put my book cash toward books that I really want to read. This is a fun concept though, and I can see where it would appeal to those who aren't already inundated with review copies.

  6. I like the box idea but I don't think a book one would work for me. Either I wouldn't want them all or would already have them. It is fun opening a surprise though. :D