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Monday, April 20, 2015

A to Z - Q & A with Drea & Melissa

A to Z Challenge - Q

Q&A with Drea & Melissa

As most of you know, we're the ladies of LilyElement. We decided to do a little random Q&A.

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We couldn't think of a decent topic for Q other than drag queen, so we decided to interview each other so you could find out more about your reviewers.

Melissa: *throws glitter*

Drea: *growls and dusts off* HEY. Save it for the hookers.

Melissa: But, why do they get to have all the fun?  

Drea: Cuz they have the blow? IDK. Glitter sucks llama ballz. That brings me to my first question: What is your fascination with glitter anyway?

Melissa: Herpes of the craft world, I guess that's why I think of hookers :P

Drea: Ooh, that makes sense now. Kind of. Are you a part of the craft world?

Melissa: I try to be, but wind up giving up after I learn a bit of it. I've learned basic knitting and crochet, a little bit of chainmaille and some sewing.

Drea: Cool! Are you going to make crochet banana hammocks?

Melissa: I'll have my boyfriend model his *cough* Okay Miss Drea! Let's see… Hmmmmm.. We'll start out easy, like the hookers... ;) What's your favorite guilty pleasure read? (Mine are cowboys *drools*)

Drea: Umm...most of what I read feels like a guilty pleasure. Maybe YA is the guiltiest? Especially stuff with love triangles.

Melissa: Don't get me started on the love triangles!

Drea: I don't know why they get such a bad rap.  

Melissa: I think it might be because in books without them you know who is going to wind up together. In books with love triangles you could spend the entire book rooting for the losing person.

Drea: That makes sense. I usually root for the heroine to end up with BOTH :D (super guilty pleasure lol) So what genre are you most afraid to admit you adore? Cowboys or something else? 

Melissa: I'll have to say I've been enjoying erotica books lately, which is something I normally don't read. As my boyfriend calls ALL the books I read "porno books" he'd be terrified to hear the audio I just listened to mwhaha

Drea: Ooh, which one was that? 

Melissa: The Master by Kresley Cole. It was soooo dirty, it would make him blush. I still think I should record him reading a paragraph or so from an erotica book.

Drea: Yep. You should. Especially one of the weird ones.

Melissa: His reaction would be priceless. I can hear it now "WHY IS THIS HOE DOING THIS?!?!!?"

Drea: He sounds like a hoot. Do you have any guilty pleasure TV, movies, or songs?

Melissa: I occasionally watch Project Runway or other reality game show things. MAKE IT WORK!

Drea: Oh, so you've watched Jersey Shore :D

Melissa: I wish!! I got sidetracked one day and started watching some special effects makeup show when I was going to watch Jersey Shore jkjk.

Drea: If you could go out in any costume, and money wasn't an issue, what costume would you wear?

Melissa: BATMAN! Errr Batwoman? *hums Batman song* That costume might get hot in TX though :/

Melissa: Are you a fan of books that turn into movies/TV shows? 

Drea: Most of the books I'd love to see turned into movies don't. But the ones that have aren't too bad.

Drea: If you got to become a superhero, would you want to be like Batman (rich with gadgets) or someone with special powers?

Melissa: Ohhh I'd have to go with the special powers, depending on what the power is. If it's something lame I'd go with the gadgets instead. 

Drea: In books, what really burns your butt?

Melissa: I'd say love triangles but I can tolerate those for the most part. I'd have to go with an ignorant main character. If I can tell something but they can't until the end of the book it irritates me.

Melissa: What's a weird were shifter that you’d like to read in the future (one you haven't read before). np lol

Drea: I'm with you on the ignorant MC. 

Drea: I think you mentioned someone was doing phoenixes, I'd like to try one of those. one of those ;)

Melissa: Oooh yes, Keri Arthur! I've been wanting to read book one. I've seen pretty positive reviews for it so far.

Drea: Okay, one last question from me: What's the one new author/book/genre you're going to do this year? 

Melissa: I think I'd like to try out a few more erotica books, and would appreciate book/author recs in that genre since I'm not very familiar with it.

Drea: Then you have to read tomorrow's post on Roni Loren. She's my new favorite erotic author.

Melissa: Will do! I've seen her name around, but never actually looked at her books just yet. 
Melissa: Are there any new author/book/genre that you plan on reading?

Drea: Yup! I signed up for the New-To-Me challenge this year, so I'm all about new stuff. My goal is to also dive into some multicultural/diverse stuff as a part of that. So I'll be checking into Holley Trent's post from the other day. *nods*

Melissa: Can't wait to hear your thoughts on those!
Melissa: Thanks for doing the random Q&A with me Drea <3

Drea: lol no problem. I'll never get the glitter off everything *glares*

Melissa: *throws more glitter* :D

Drea: *shakes fist and shouts* MELISSSSSSSAAAAA!


  1. Lols. Fun getting to know u ladies better ;)

  2. LMAO. You guys are obsessed with hookers. Ya'll crack me up, very awesome interviews goin on here.

    1. It's all Melissa. I'm obsessed with drag queens and midgets ;)

    2. hahaha yep, I'm the one with a hooker obsession. Dunno what I'd do if I met one, probably throw glitter and run :P

  3. So fun & lol on herpes!!

    So happy you're loving erotica, Mel. And I
    Don't know how you can stand YOUNG ADULT love triangles, Drea!!

    1. Oooh I don't know why you CAN'T. Thems my bread and butter.

    2. I need to read more of it! Dunno why I held off for so long.

  4. You're so funny, ladies ! I'll have to try young adult love triangles ^^

    1. I'm shocked you've managed to avoid them so far!