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Thursday, April 16, 2015

A to Z - Nail Art

A to Z Challenge - N

Nail Art

I suck at all things nail art but always want to try new ones. See below for the ones I want to try out next.

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One of my favorite people, Anya Breton is a goddess of all things nail art. I raid her pinterest every now and then to see what pretty nail art she pinned that I can suck at later when I attempt it. Here are a few that I want to try and hopefully I'll manage to do one correctly!

The images will be links to the tutorials, so click away ;)

Galaxy Nails

Lacy Stamped On Nails

Scrapbook Page Nails

The scrapbook page nails looks the easiest, so I'll probably try that out first. I still can't get the hang of nail stamping lol

Do yall have any favorite nail art tutorials I might not mess up? If so share in the comments!


  1. <3 The galaxy one isn't all that hard either. The scrapbook one...well if you can get the teeny tiny straight cut of tape :P Or by nail striping tape. It is quite easy. I love painting my own nails It's my only "me" time I can get as a caregiver.

    Caring for My Veteran

  2. The galaxy one looks amazing! I have no skill whatsoever when it comes to my nails. I try but then I mess up the polish so I keep it simple now with funny neon colors. xD I know Anna @HerdingCats and Burning Soup does some pretty cool and easy nail art.

  3. My eldest daughter is the nail art specialist here ! The galaxy art is simply gorgeous but I'm personally attracted to the lacy stamped, how original :)

  4. I love the lacy stamp one. I saw the galaxy one before and oh man I'd love to do that but looks too hard for me. Maybe one day :)

  5. I'm in love with the galaxy nails!! <3 I was just looking at some great nail art the other day, so your post has a fantastic timing! :)

  6. Yeah, I'll just bypass the galaxy one, lols. The nail stamp...I'm digging. I suck at designs if I do my own nails, it would be just regular ol standard colors for me :D