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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A to Z + Giveaway - Superheros

A to Z Challenge - S


A few years back, I never thought I'd say one of my favorite types of books would be superhero romances. Lola Dodge knocks each story out of the park and made me a believer.

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I'm seriously addicted to Lola Dodge's Manhattan Ten series. She sent me a signed copy of the book below to giveaway to one lucky reader so enter below via the rafflecopter!

PS: The awesome thing about this book is it's the first THREE books in the series combined into one awesome paperback ;)

M10: Unlikely Beginnings - Lola Dodge
Do you believe in love at first fight?


When Panther’s trans-Atlantic catnap is interrupted by Ivory’s ice spear through a crazed attacker’s gut, he doesn’t hesitate to claim her as one of the Manhattan Ten, America’s elite superhero team. It’s the only way to shield her from prosecution. It doesn’t hurt that the Nordic beauty puts his inner cat on the prowl.


With one kiss, any supe’s powers belong to Temptress. Except this time she smooches the M-Ten’s leader, Thinktank, who’s not happy with how his Vegas vacation is turning out—Temptress can’t figure out how to give his powers back. He’s also helpless against the desire that rises in him every time he kisses her.

Belle Fury

Renowned ballerina Belle Fabian is finally starring in Giselle, the performance of her life—until she manifests super powers mid-dance. Luckily, Red Ruin of the M-Ten is there to help Belle control her newfound abilities. When they’re together, though, Ruin’s lightning isn’t the only thing giving off sparks…

Product Warnings
This superhero team includes a smoldering ice vixen, a sexy beast man, a leader who thinks too much, a bombshell who can steal powers, a lightning-hot second-in-command and a not-so-blushing ballerina. With a roster like that, you’re sure to expect complications—and chemistry.

1 - Signed paperback copy of M10 by Lola Dodge. USA only
Giveaway will start on 04/22/15 and end on 5/8/15 at 11:59PM. I'll email the winner to get their shipping address.

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  1. I can't say I particularly adore super heroes, but I've read such enthusiastic reviews about this series, I'll have to read it someday :)

    1. I think these might change your mind :) I wasn't a fan of superheros before Lola's books!

  2. Wooooo!!!!Lola! Love this series...its all kinds of awesome ;)

  3. I'm trying to think and I don't think I've ever read a superhero romance. *flails* I feel so deprived! lol

  4. I've got a friend who is writing superhero romance, but with a funny spin to them. She might already know about this series, but I'll have to tell her. (You can find her at, in case anyone is looking for more superhero romances!)

    @ShonnaSlayton from
    Shonna Slayton YA Writer -1940’s from A to Z

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  6. Truthfully I am game for any superpower with my heroes. Any and all are what I want. lol. I don't get to see many superhero books, but love seeing them when they are around. So this is awesome to hear!

    1. I'm glad there aren't too many superhero romances around, I adore this one so they'd have their work cut out for them to impress me.

    2. Yeah. I hear ya. I really loved Starla Huchton's sexy superheroes trilogy, so to see there are more out there, yes ma'am. :D Thank you!

  7. Oh wow, this sounds really cool. First time I'm hearing about this book. This is the first one, right?

  8. I adore this series!

    But I do have to say that my favorite superhero doesn't even have a superpower. I'm talking about Batman, of course. ;)

    Angie @ Pinkindle