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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

WoW [144] - Back in the Game

Back in the Game - Lori Wilde
Release Date: February 24th 2015

Wanted: ghostwriter. Must be female, a baseball fan, and have a great pair of legs.

Ex-pitcher Rowdy Blanton never saw a woman he couldn't conquer or a team he couldn't beat. And now that he's off the field he's ready to tell all about when he played the field. So he chooses Breeanne Carlyle to do the job—she's got the requirements, but more important, there's something about her that makes him want to be a better man.

Convinced there's more to Rowdy than a good fastball, a wicked smile, and a tight pair of pants, Breeanne can't help but be tempted. After all, it's boring always being the good girl, and Rowdy dares her to be just a little bad. The stakes are high, but win or lose, this time Breeanne's breaking all the rules playing the game of love.
Why I am waiting:
Sometimes I need a break from Urban Fantasy with a ton of paranormal. This is the type of book I enjoy when I take a break. Even better since it's based in Texas.


  1. I read Christmas at Twilight a couple of months ago and I really enjoyed it. I definitely plan on reading more by Lori Wilde and I hope this title works great for you! :)

  2. Oh this one sounds nice! thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh yes! Feel good romances are great pick me uppers and palate cleansers!

  4. I've never read anything by this author, and I'm not sure if this book is my cup of tea, but it does sound like a book that could make my list if the mood strikes me. Thanks for sharing!
    My WoW:

  5. Great choice. I've not heard of this one before but it does seem pretty good though it's not my type of read. I hope you enjoy this one when it comes out! :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian