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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spotlight: Sandy James

If yall have been checking my blog for awhile now, you all know I'm a huge Sandy James fan. So I wanted to share a little bit of what is going on in her life and hope it brings more awareness to her books and her current situation. She's a super sweet person and an awesome author. If you have been wanting to try her books, please buy now or in the near future to help assist her in her time of need.

I'm going to share what Sandy shared with me.
My husband almost died in December. His colon ruptured, and he went septic. Thank the Lord, he pulled through, but then we were told the rupture was from stage 3 colon cancer. Now, he's struggling to regain the strength he lost while in the hospital for close to a month. I'm on leave from my teaching job because he needs me at his side 24/7, especially now that he has a colostomy and his chemotherapy has begun. My paid time off ends next week. That means our family has very little money coming in, and our first hospital bill was $275K. We have insurance, but we have a ridiculous out of pocket to meet.
I'm going to spotlight each book she has available with the links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I've enjoyed each and every book I've read in her The Ladies Who Lunch series as well as the Amazon series. I highly suggest those depending on your genre preference.

The Ladies Who Lunch Series - $2.99 each
1) The Bottom Line - Amazon, B&N
2) Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Amazon, B&N
3) Sealing the Deal - Amazon, B&N
4) Fringe Benefits [PREORDER] - Amazon, B&N

Alliance of the Amazons - $2.99 - $3.79 each

1) The Reluctant Amazon - Amazon, B&N
2) The Impetuous Amazon - Amazon, B&N
3) The Brazen Amazon - Amazon, B&N
4) The Volatile Amazon - Amazon, B&N

Safe Havens - $0.99 - $3.99

1) Saving Grace - Amazon, B&N
2) Runaway - Amazon, B&N
3) Redeemed - Amazon, B&N