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Friday, December 26, 2014

Review: The Spider

Title: The Spider
Author: Jennifer Estep
Series: Elemental Assassin #10
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Lauren Fortgang
Release Date: December 24th 2013
Length: Novel (381 pages/11 hours)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: Purchased
Buy: Audible, AmazonBarnes & Noble
Rating: 4.0-stars 

Melissa's Review:

Gin Blanco returns in book 10 of the Elemental Assassin series. This time around, Gin is retelling a story that happened in her early adulthood. Her mentor and foster father, Fletcher is alive and teaching her the ways of being an assassin. They are paid to kill a man, when digging for background on their mark, they find he might be responsible for a terrace collapsing and killing multiple people. Something feels off and Fletcher wants to wait to find out more details about the case, but Gin lets emotions control her once she hears that the man is harming his daughter. No proof that he actually does it, she just wants to take him out and save the girl from being harmed. Fletcher allows her to take the job and start her solo mission.

This one was a bit different from the previous installments in the Elemental Assassin series. Likely because it was a flashback book. Gin's character is a bit more impulsive, and reckless. I enjoyed seeing all the characters I've become familiar with. Even a young Owen made an appearance. While initially I thought I wouldn't enjoy this book, I quickly changed my mind. You can tell that Gin's character has grown a lot compared to her younger self. The plot itself was kind of predictable, I figured it out quickly and wasn't that surprised as the story unraveled. All in all it was a pretty good installment to the series, I'd recommend this series for anyone looking for a good Urban Fantasy.


  1. *big ol gusty sigh* I will read this series one day I hope :D A couple of yall I follow keep reviewing them and I keep going omg that sounds fantastic! lol

  2. arghh so so so so late with this series... it's terrible. I really need to read book 2...

  3. I put off this book for a long time too. I didn't think I would like it either. I ended up liking it more than I thought, though not as much as the "regular" Gin books. It was good to see Fletcher again.

  4. I enjoyed this origins story as well, seems like all the players were in position a long time ago. I miss some of the old villains and Fletcher Lane is a treat! Gosh you're caught up so soon & I'm still lagging!

  5. Im straight up enjoying your review on this series...keep em coming ;D