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Friday, November 7, 2014

Giveaway + Review: Sealing the Deal by Sandy James

Title: Sealing the Deal
Author: Sandy James
Series: The Ladies Who Lunch #3
Release Date: November 4th 2014
Format: Ebook
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Buy: Amazon, BN

When Bethany Rogers's sister dies in combat in Afghanistan, Bethany, a teacher and part-time interior decorator, takes in the nine-month-old daughter her sister left behind. As she struggles with the challenges of raising a young child, she gratefully accepts the help of her fellow Ladies Who Lunch as well as Robert Ashford, her longtime friend and boss at Ashford Homes. Robert is great with kids and has always mentioned wanting a family of his own. Beth soon feels more than gratitude toward her handsome helper, and longs to give in to the growing heat and desire brewing between them. But will loving Robert further complicate her already spinning-out-of-control life? And is he drawn to her, or to the idea of a ready-made family? 
So warm and sweet.

Shivers ran the length of her body as Beth smiled, loving the way Robert was nuzzling her neck and rubbing her hip. Heat bloomed low in her belly, fanning through her as she wiggled her backside against the groin pressed hard against her.

“Hard” being the key word. The erection was easy to feel, even through their clothing. She wriggled again, loving how he growled against her skin and then ran his tongue around the shell of her ear.

His hand covered her breast, squeezing lightly before returning to her hip. Even more heat shimmered through her. She arched into his touch with the fleeting thought that it had been so long since she’d been with a man.

Years, actually.

But this man? This was the one she’d wanted for a long time, longer than she was willing to admit to herself. She’d always kept her distance, drawing clear lines between her and her colleague, who then became her boss. Besides, he’d never shown an interest in her before. Ever.

She’d only seen him with Barbie dolls. There had been more than a few. Come to think of it, she’d never seen him with the same one twice. Robert was a player, and Beth hated players.

So why this strange fascination?

Robert’s warm lips were on her neck again, and he hoarsely whispered, “Bethany…”

Until he’d said her name, she’d wondered if he was just in the throes of some erotic dream and had reached out to conveniently find a warm woman lying next to him. But he wanted her. Bethany.

The fire inside her flared to an inferno. She needed to show him how she felt, hoping he’d bare some of his own feelings in response. “Robert…”

His insistent hand on her hip turned her to her back. Then his body blanketed her, and his lips settled on hers. With little prelude, his tongue thrust deep into her mouth.

Beth couldn’t have stopped herself if she’d wanted to. And she sure didn’t want to. Returning the ferocity of his kiss, gliding her tongue over his, she looped her arms around his neck and arched into him.

His scent—masculine with a touch of pleasant, spicy cologne—intoxicated her. His taste was quickly becoming familiar, and when his knee nudged her legs apart, she welcomed him and the way his pelvis settled between her thighs.

The kiss continued, a chase of tongues that went on and on. Robert slid his hand over her breast again, squeezing with the perfect amount of pressure as he pressed his hips into her core.

This was going to happen. It was really going to happen.

My Review
Sealing the Deal is book three in The Ladies Who Lunch series. This time around the main character is Beth Rogers, a high school teacher that is coping with losing her sister that was in combat in Afghanistan. At her sister's funeral, she finds out that her parents are not able to take care of her niece, so she will have to be the child's guardian, or Emma will be given up for adoption. It's a lot to take in while she's trying to handle her grief, so pretty much Beth's life changes in a whirlwind.

I've been waiting for Beth's story for awhile now, I've glimpsed details about Beth and Robert in previous books and wanted to know more. They have been friends since they met at the high school they both teach at, Robert has since moved on to be his own boss and build houses. Beth helps out by handling the interior design for the houses so the two interact frequently. Because they are friends, Robert is there to support her in her time of need, he helps her adapt to having a child while still maintaining her job and life.

The two quickly fall into a relationship of sorts between Robert taking care of Emma while Beth is at work, to moving in together. While I initially thought their relationship in the book was going a bit fast, I realized that they've been dancing around liking one another for the two previous books in the series.

Sealing the Deal is an emotional read that has characters that are easy to connect with. I really enjoyed Beth's character, she's the type of best friend everyone wants. She's selfless and would do anything for anyone she cares for. Even though she was going through things I couldn't imagine happening in my own life she was easy to relate to. We've all had times where our world is thrown for a loop. As always, the relationships whether friendship or romantic is crafted perfectly. This is one of the main reasons I love Sandy James's books. I highly suggest this series if you're looking for a contemporary romance.

The publisher is giving away 5 ebook sets of the books in the series so far!
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I will be giving away an ebook of Sealing the Deal to one of my followers. Giveaway will start 11/07/14 at 12:01AM and end on 11/14/14 at 11:59PM. Winner's email will be given to the publisher so ebook can be supplied. Good luck!

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  1. Oh yes I saw another great review about this one so I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm quite curious.

  2. Yay! I've been waiting for Robert's book. I hope I can get this one squeezed in soon :D

  3. I am glad that you enjoyed this one too. Book 4, Fringe Benefits, comes out in April and just seems so far away at this point.

  4. I was on a contemporary romance streak last couple of week, this would've made for a great addition. Maybe next time as I've moved on to literary fiction LOL.