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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Blogging - Tracking Stats

I recently had a chat with a few fellow bloggers to see how they tracked their traffic on their blogs. There were multiple ways, some more accurate than others so I thought I'd do a post and just let you know what I use and recommend.

My Picks:
1) Google Analytics - By far, Google Analytics is the most "accurate" on gathering details on how many visits I had during the month. The unique visitors is counted by Google putting a cookie on the visitor's computer so when they return to view the blog again it doesn't count another unique visit. It does however add it to the total page views. While this doesn't take into account people clearing their cache and cookies then revisiting, it gave numbers that were consistent with other months so I'm pretty positive this is the best choice, at least for me.

2) StatCounter - Since I started blogging, I've used StatCounter as my main and used Google Analytics as my back up. The reason I like it better is it emails me weekly to give me an update on the weeks stats. The numbers compared to Google Analytics were quite similar, within 100 in each section.

Wouldn't Recommend:
If you're looking for actual stats, don't use Blogger Stats. I've always known it skews the data. While yes, you can press the "Don't track my views", it still gives highly inaccurate numbers. When I compared the three, I was really shocked to see that the total views was 5x higher on Blogger Stats versus the others.

How to add Google Analytics
1) Set Up Account

  • Click get Tracking ID at the bottom when you're done

2) Copy Tracking ID
3) Go back to your Blogger Dashboard

  • Click "Settings"
  • Click "Other"
  • Paste in Google Analytics spot
    • If your template is a "Classic" template you will need to add the code GA provides into the template. You can do this by clicking "Template" then clicking "Edit HTML". 

How to add StatCounter

StatCounter is pretty easy to set up. But here is a walkthrough if you need it. I'll somewhat skip the steps where they actually walk you through it, if you have questions let me know and I'll try to help.

1) Create Account

2) Set Up a Project

  • All you really have to do in this step is add your blog URL. It autofills your project name and your email for the reports. If you want a StatCounter icon button on your blog when you input the code change the "Do You Need a Counter or Button" on the right side. I just selected Invisible Tracking.

3) Copy Code - Input it in Blogger

  • This is where it gives you step by step instructions. If you follow them, it should work perfectly. I'll go into a few details below on them, but you should be able to follow their steps instead of mine.

4) Add StatCounter code from step 3 in your Blogger Layout.

  • Do this by clicking "Add a Gadget", select HTML/JaveScript. 
  • Paste the code
  • Save - this will close the pop up window
  • This takes you back to your Layout page. Save Arrangement

5) Click "Template", it's below Layout

  • Click "Edit HTML"
  • CTRL + F to find the word "StatCounter", next to it type " mobile 'yes' "
  • Save
  • Save again if it asks you to
6) At this point you can return to the StatCounter page and it should ask if you want to check the code on your blog. Click it and it lets you know if you did it right. Then you're done!


  1. I use google now because my blog had to much on it and I can't add new widget. So sad! I write too much lol and I think English+ French is a lot in the end.

    1. lol! I didn't know you could run out of widgets

  2. Great tutorial Lily! I use both, while I do think Google is the best, I still like some features of statcounter.
    Goof job :)

    1. Yeah I like Google, but love my email updates from Stat Counter :D

  3. thanks for the tuts Melissa...we definitely gonna have to try at least one of these out. Awesome post!

  4. I know Stat Counter is loved and used my many, but Google sounds quite reliable.
    Thanks for the tips! :)

  5. I had Stat Counter for a while and then all the sudden it stopped working. I think I'd changed my template and when I did it kicked off their added bit. I did do the GA after we all twitter chatted. It's about half of what Blogger says but it's not been a full month yet on GA compared to the full month on Blogger.