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Friday, October 3, 2014

Review: My Lady Quicksilver

Title: My Lady Quicksilver
Author: Bec McMaster
Series: London Steampunk #3
Release Date: October 1st 2013
Format: Paperback
Source: OUAR
Buy: Amazon, BN

Rosalind Fairchild, aka Mercury is on a mission to find and save her younger brother. She is the leader of the humanists and has to find a way to gain access into the Nighthawks base to see if there is a lead on where her brother might be. Disguising herself, she takes a job as a secretary to Sir Jasper Lynch, the head of the Nighthawks. She enters into the group thinking Lynch is a vampire that is against everything she believes in. Yet her mindset begins to change as she joins Lynch on investigations and he protects her from several dangerous situations.

Jasper is the leader of the Nighthawks, he investigates crimes against Blue Bloods (aka vampires). His mission throughout the book besides investigating murders is to find the elusive Mercury. Mercury leads the Humanists and Jasper believes is responsible for a bombing that killed a lot of people. As Rosalind and Jasper grow closer, I couldn't help wonder how this would play out when the truth was revealed.

My Lady Quicksilver drew me in from the first page and wouldn't let me go. Their world was dangerous with the Bluebloods and humanists against each other, but full of intrigue. The characters were fleshed out nicely, and I found myself enjoying the main characters as well as the secondary. I highly recommend the London Steampunk series, and will be picking up the rest of the series in the near future.

This review was first published at Once Upon A Romance.


  1. I only tried the first book but I really enjoyed it. I should try more, it sounds good but I was anxious about the others.

  2. I really need to read this series - everytime I somebody else reading it, it makes me want to eat my fingers !!

  3. It seems like you're reviewing all of my favourite series lately, Lily! I must say, you have excellent taste in books. Hehe This wasn't the best London Steampunk novel, but I ❤ Bec McMaster's writing style, so even a so-so story is transformed into a 4-star read thanks to her mad skillz. Kiss of Steel is still #1 on my list though.

  4. LOL at Red Iza... so happy you enjoyed this! I am loving this series more than Callihan's and I always confuse the two. For some reason I find their series twinsies. The next one was so-so for me, I hope you'll enjoy it more than I did