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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Drea's Review - Easy

Title: Easy
Author: Tammara Webber
Series: Contours of the Heart, #1
Format: paperback
Release Date: October 9th 2012
Publisher: Berkley/Penguin
Length: Novel (310 pages)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Buy: AmazonBarnes & Noble
Rating: 3-stars

Drea's Review:

I’d just finished reading a 1* book right before I read this one. And the last New Adult book I'd read was more like a play in a teenager’s diary than a novel. I did enjoy this book, and originally rated it 4.5* stars, but upon reflection…and writing this review, I can’t stick with that.

Here’s the rundown:

We’ve got the heroine Jacqueline, who plays upright bass in orchestra...partially because she’s a girl and it’s not the instrument girls usually play. She was attached at the color-coordinated hip (I may have made that up) to the high school class president, with plans for marriage and Capital Hill domination in their future…until he decided he wanted to bang other chicks a few months into sophomore year at college. Good riddance. The guy was a tool wrapped in yellow polos.

In steps his bro Buck, that’s “bro” rather than brother, though at times I wondered. Buck is a serial rapist. Buck accosts Jacqueline in the front of her pickup truck (which she needs to hold her upright bass) out behind a raging Halloween party. Along happens a concerned citizen who beats the crap out of Buck, saving the day. The concerned citizen urges Jacqueline to contact the police. She refuses. I’m sure there’s a babbled explanation for why she can’t in there somewhere but it was so unmemorable that…well, I don’t remember it.

In here there’s a flashback about the breakup. Or the beginning chapter was a flashforward. Or both. Set aside the fact that I despise those, I was incredibly confused about the timeline when it finishes…I couldn’t tell if we’d stayed in the past or had returned to the present…eventually I figured it out.

All right, so Jacqueline goes about her business, trying to pick up the pieces of her wasted life (because she’s too good for a state college…or whatever). She needs to do some serious make-up assignments in her economics class. The prof suggests she get with the class tutor. . But, you know, not get with. Because that would be a conflict of interest. *smirk*

Landon is nice, funny, and a whiz at the numbers stuff…based on their emails. Too bad she’s got eyes for the pierced and tattooed stranger who saved her from violation—Lucas. Little does she know, Lucas has major issues he’s afraid to unload on her. Continued harassment by the rapist she refuses to turn in keeps these two running into each other a lot. Or maybe he’s stalking her a little. It’s okay because he’s hot, right?

So we have a potential love triangle. Unless of course you’re like me, and you see right through that ruse from the get go.

I’ve spoiled enough. Rest assured there’s a HFN ending.

All right, so whether or not you’re going to like this book is completely up to what you’re wanting to get out of it.

Pure escapism? You’ll likely love it. The hero is one of those hot, tortured souls gals eat up. And he can dance. Oh, and cook. *swoon*

Looking for inspiration? No. Walk away. This is not how to handle a rape and land the hottest upper classman around. I’ve said many times that I avoid books that feature heroines who have been raped. This one featured one (well, she was nearly raped)…and I still liked the story. That tells you something. Jacqueline isn’t skittish around any males except Buck. She doesn’t make a buddy walk with her everywhere. And she dives right into intimacy with little thought of either Buck or her ex. What does she do to combat her limited paranoia? She enrolls in a self-defense course...that is co-taught guessed it, Lucas. And she eventually tells her BFF/roommate.

So…this is not true to life. This is escapism. If you’re cool with that, go for it. Jacqueline is a fairly amusing heroine. She didn’t make me want to beat her (much), and Lucas is the guy every girl deserves.

Grab this if you want escapism with the tortured, tattooed and pierced artist/overachiever.


  1. This is one I've just not been sure about. I know some who have loved it but erg. Sorry to see it wasn't everything it could have been. I've definitely talked myself down as a review went along too. Strange how that can happen sometimes.

    1. "Talk myself down" that's a perfect way to describe it! Thanks :)

  2. It sounds good even if not awesome. If I remember well, I think we have it in French as well but I don't remember what people were saying about it.

    1. Interesting. I'd be curious how it fares in other cultures.

  3. The taking the rating down upon reflection later has happened to me too.

  4. That happens a lot to me too, I usually rate books immediately after finishing 'em, but my original impression is often impacted whenever I write my review. I don't have a difficult time turning off my brain while reading just so long as I know that I need to do so going in, so thanks for the FYI!

  5. I didn't read this because it gave off that hardcore NA vibe to me and I am not the biggest fan of NA.