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Friday, August 15, 2014

Review: Night's Vision

Title: Night's Vision
Author: Yasmine Galenorn
Release Date: July 2nd 2013
Format: Ebook
Source: Purchased
Buy: Amazon, BN

Night's Vision is book four in the Indigo Court series. This is a dark Urban Fantasy series, that I highly enjoy. There is always a ton of fighting, and the villains are truly wicked, they're fae vampires. The book's main character is Cicely, she's a owl shifter that also controls wind. In this book, Cicely and her cousin Rhiannon are finally crowned the Fae Queens of Winter and Summer. Every Queen needs their King, so they are also marrying their loves since childhood. Most of the book is showing Cicely learning how to be Queen and making decisions on how best to protect her people.

Nothing is that easy though, there are always challenges for the main characters in YGalenorn's books. Myst, the Queen of the Indigo Court is out to get Cicely, but while she doesn't play a huge part in this book the threat is still there. This time around the major case of cat and mouse is with the vampires that Cicely has dealt with in the past. Geoffrey and Leo free an insane vampire that is older than dirt and they wreak havoc in the city. Leo kidnaps Rhiannon, the Fae Queen of Summer, which lead to several quite dark scenes.

The Indigo Court series is a darker Urban Fantasy that revolves around the fae and also includes some of the many types of paranormal characters we love. As I mentioned above, there are fae, shifters, vampires and witches, so pretty much a bit of everything you could ask for. YGalenorn's world building is always excellent, and Night's Vision gives more depth in the changes the series is taking. I'll be reviewing Night's End, the last book in the series very soon and suggest the Indigo Court series if you're looking for a dark Urban Fantasy.


  1. I'm going to have to give this one a go (writing it down) I haven't read a good book with fae's in a while so..yeah, I need to pick this up. Rocking review Melissa :)

  2. I read this one, the only I read in the series and it was ok but I always stryggle with the books by the author.

  3. This author is a writing machine! I keep wanting to try her books, but I am so far behind on all of her series that it's discouraging. I love dark Urban Fantasy though, so I might just have to suck it up!

    1. Girl, she really is! Since you like dark UF I'd suggest it. I enjoy this series as well as the Sisters series she wrote.

  4. Can you read these stand-alone or something?

    1. Nope!! I really don't suggest it, or you'll be super confused. She does a bit of refresher in each book, but not enough to read by itself.

  5. I started one of her series - with the fae sisters - but I can't remember why I went no further (waiting for the next release then forgot ?). I'll have to try again :)