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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Drea's Review - You And No Other

Title: You And No Other
Author: Cathy Maxwell
Series: Sweet, #1
Format: paperback
Release Date: November, 2008
Publisher: Avon
Length: Novel (375 pages)
Genre: Historical Romance
Buy: Amazon, Barnes & Noble
Rating: 4-stars

Drea's Review:

Caroline’s no-good brother-in-law gambled away her house along with his dead brother’s fortune. Her house. Not the house her deceased husband gave her, but the house that came with her dowry. She’ll have to deal with it because reneging on a game of chance just isn’t done, so sayeth the brother-in-law. Well, she’s not going to sit idly by and let that stand…or become the companion to her harpy of a mother-in-law simply to have a place to live. She’ll get her house back from the winner.

Only…James is gorgeous, rich, and busy planning to topple the East India Trading company. Not too busy to hand over the deed and leave Caroline alone. No, he’s taken with her and though he had every intention of doing the honorable thing, he can’t seem to hand over the deed to her house unless she agrees to have a little fun. More than fun isn’t an option since he’s all but engaged to the daughter of an influential minister…the swing vote for his trading plans.

In steps Caroline’s meddlesome and scandalous, but well meaning aunt-in-law and all the old pariah friends auntie brings with her. They’re not above kidnapping to help their favorite out of a bind.

Plots like these (destitution because of honor) are why I adore historical romance. I specifically picked this book up because I love when the heroine kidnaps the hero. In this instance, the heroine has nothing to do with the kidnapping, but it was still a fun read. James is a bit of a romantic and Caroline is more down-to-earth—the reverse of many historical romances. I found myself smiling as he wore his heart on his sleeve. Ah, poor James. Fortunately he, and Caroline, get their happily ever after.

So why didn’t I give it five stars? The antics of the aunt and her friends were a little much. And I was so done with the drama with the lisping fiancĂ©e before it even started.

Grab this if you need a quick and frothy read with a charming hero and down-to-earth widow.

Challenge Update: This is book six toward the 2014 Historical Romance reading challenge I signed up for ages ago. I have six more to go!


  1. A timelong gone, nowadays honor is as common as American eagle sightings... I don't know where that came from LOL

    1. haha, now I want to lookup eagle pictures on Google Image Search ;)

  2. Oh it sounds like a good one! It's the first time I hear about the author and the book so thank you for introducing it to me.

    1. She's written quite a bit. This is the second I've read of hers and it was decent.

  3. Me too! I love this kind of plots. This sounds interesting Drea :) I do love my H Romances.
    Thanks, great job!

  4. Oh yeah that sounds like one I could definitely get behind. I just read a hero kidnapped by the heroine. Was a hoot.

    1. I'll look for your review!
      The hero-kidnapping is one of those plots that if I see it in historical romance, I grab it. I'd read one ages ago before Goodreads and can't figure out what it was now. It's so frustrating not to remember :/

  5. You gotta love a hero-kidnapping plot! I haven't read anything by this author yet, but I have a feeling things are going to change...Thanks for the review and for letting me know about a new book I could very much enjoy, Drea! :)

    1. No problem, Silvia. Kidnapped guys is definitely a twist ;)

  6. Oh that cover is so lickable! Sounds like a historical romance I can get behind. Great review Drea :D