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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Drea's Audio Review: Splintered

Title: Splintered
Author: A.G. Howard
Series: Splintered, #1
Format: audio
Narrator: Rebecca Gibel
Release Date: January 1, 2013
Length: Novel (371 pages/12 hours)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Buy: Audible, AmazonBarnes & Noble
Rating: 4.5-stars

Drea's Review:
The only way Alyssa Gardner can silence the bugs’ voices is to push a pin through their wings and turn them into mosaics. She thinks she’s going crazy and it doesn’t help that her mother has already arrived there. Are they suffering from a family curse—the same thing that made their relative Alice Little of Alice in Wonderland fame go mad? Or is Alyssa simply garden-variety crazy? Childhood memories she’d lost begin creeping back in thanks to the appearance of an alluring winged man named Morpheus she once knew. He assures her she can save her mother from madness if she sets things right in Wonderland—a place that is very real and far more macabre and violent than the children’s book. Alyssa’s best friend Jeb gets caught up in the mess and soon Wonderland netherlings aren’t the only thing Alyssa must battle as she’s drawn into a love triangle.

 Poor Alyssa is put through the wringer in Wonderland and the real world and I liked every moment of it. There’s plenty of action, heartbreak, and betrayal to keep you on your toes. And of course romance, I gotta have my romance! I don’t care that love triangles are overdone in YA, I love them, and this one is awesome. It certainly helps that the narrator Rebecca Gibel does a cockney accent for Morpheus. This is the first book in a trilogy, but there’s a satisfying ending that won’t leave you shouting at your car stereo.

I heartily suggest this for all Alice in Wonderland fans.


  1. I've always heard lots of good things about this book, but I never gave it a go...I probably should, especially since you recommend it for Alice in Wonderland fans ;)
    Thanks for the review, Drea!

    1. Just so long as you're cool with love triangles, go for it :)

    2. It depends on the love long as it's not 'whiny', I'm fine with it.

    3. This one wasn't whiny that I recall. My frame of reference could be skewed though because most triangles don't bother me.

  2. I heard a lot about this one but I haven't read it yet but I love retellings and I confess I'm quite curious.

    1. Listening to the narrator do the different voices probably made me like it more :)

  3. :D Will be listening to this one within the next few weeks. I <3 Alice in Wonderland

  4. Oh this is one I have thought about trying but just never got it. I don't mind triangles at all if well done and sounds like it. Thanks for the review Drea!

    1. It was on my TBR for ages. I'm so glad I tried it in audio instead of reading it. I know that sounds weird... :D

  5. I loved this one too Drea! I'm so glad you enjoyed too :)
    Grat job!