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Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: Beautiful Bastard

Title: Beautiful Bastard
Author: Christina Lauren
Release Date: February 12th 2013
Format: Paperback
Source: Won from TalkSupe
Buy: Amazon, BN

Chloe Mills is an intern for Bennett Ryan and is awesome at what she does. She's been working there for years and is about to finish up her MBA. Somehow she manages to deal with her "beautiful bastard" of a boss, Bennett Ryan. I'm pretty sure he would make anyone break down and cry due to his abrasive personality, but Chloe manages. Whenever he makes a rude comment, she gives one right back at him. This happens through the majority of the book, so if you're not interested in a boss being a jerk, you should pass on this one. I'm thinking CLauren was trying to make the two snipe at one another so much to reflect how alike Chloe and Bennett really are. It gets a bit tiring in my opinion, but I did enjoy the book.

It doesn't take long before they start having sex everywhere, in the office, in an elevator, in the stairs, you name it they'll probably do it there. Both are like what the heck am I doing, this is wrong but it feels so right. I was wondering how it would end, if they'd continue with the fling, or if they'd manage to make things work. You slowly start seeing Bennett change from a dick, to caring about what happens to Chloe. His main concern is people thinking she's sleeping her way to the top, that would ruin her just beginning career. That doesn't really enter his mind at the start though. I did enjoy the book, and plan on reading the next few in the near future. If you're looking for a naughty read that has a boss/intern relationship this is the book for you.


  1. Sometimes I really love that fire-y sniping between a hero and heroine. I just read one with that happening in a office setting. Was just what I needed that day. I'll have to add this one for when I need another fix. :)

    1. Woohoo! Hope you enjoy it when you feel in that mood :)

  2. I DNFd this but I'm glad you loved it!

    I was made to read FSOG, hated it. Then I saw this and learned that it's another Twilight fanfic. Grabbed a VERY rough ARC from EW and my lord! I was so turned off by the errors and the insta-lust failed to grab me I can't go on.


    I'm reading their Sweet Filthy Boy and I'm loving it so far. So I think I just didn't like how this series started however I'm very happy to read this vicariously thru you.


    1. <333 So glad I got it via your blog girlie. Can't wait to read the rest. I still haven't read FSOG lol. I'm gonna guess they fixed a lot of the roughness that you saw from EW.

  3. I refused to listen to this audiobook because I really thought it was just another on the Fifty's trend, these all came out right after, and I just don't know why I didn't think I would like it. Now after having listened to Wallbanger and Tangled (also 2 books that I discarded as fifty's copycats) and really enjoying them I think I might give this one go.
    Thank you, great review :)

    1. lol it could be, I haven't read Fifty :) Try it out, see what you think. Hope you enjoy it!