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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday Jams [01]

Want to share that song you been loving like crazy lately? Just grab the image above or make your own...and whether you have a blog or not, you can either leave your link in the linky below OR in the comment section. 

You can show a video, a music player..whateva suites your fancy. Just remember to have some fun!

I thought I'd join in on the action and share a song that's been stuck in my head lately. 

Rude by MAGIC!


  1. Replies
    1. Bf has been playing it so it's been stuck in my head lol

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  3. Sorry! OMG! I'm so glad you posted this song. I was visiting my sisters a couple of weekends ago, and this song came on the radio, and we LOVED it, but we didn't know who it was, LOL. Yay!

    1. haha glad I could help! My boyfriend keeps randomly playing this song so it's been stuck in my head lately :)