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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thrifty Thursday [60]

The Grace Seekers - D. Martin
Speed Mating - Jessica Sims

Talk This Way - Dakota Cassidy
Kiss of Venom - Jennifer Estep
Thread of Death - Jennifer Estep
Reaver - Larissa Ione

Bear Naked - Jessica Sims
Single Wolf Female - Jessica Sims

Hot Mama - Jennifer Estep
Jinx - Jennifer Estep
Karma Girl - Jennifer Estep
Nightingale - Jennifer Estep
Dead Witch Walking - Kim Harrison
Black Magic Sanction - Kim Harrison
Ever After - Kim Harrison


  1. Thanks! Many books to see! And some I really loved too.

  2. Great deals :) and sigh, Larissa Ione's books are soooo good! I strongly recommend Reaver! <3

  3. I believe all of the Mythos Academy books are also on sale, so it's a Jennifer Estep kind of week!

  4. ooo...Reaver! I'm grabbing that was good.

  5. Have you read Estep's superhero series? Is it any good?

  6. Hmm. May be time to give Sims a try. Have read her as others but not that name yet.