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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review: Melt My Heart

Reviewer: Drea
Title: Melt My Heart
Author: Rachel Cross, Nicole Flockton, Debra Kayn, Holley Trent
Format: e-book
Source: Author
Release Date: February, 10th 2014
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Length: Anthology
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Buy: AmazonBarnes & Noble
Rating: 5-stars
 photo 5star.png
Drea's Review:
If snarky author Holley Trent had a street team, I’d be on it. So when she advertised she was looking for reviewers for a Valentine’s anthology, I waved my freak flag until she sent me an ARC.

This anthology features the following short stories:

•    “Bloom” by Rachel Cross
•    “Laying Down His Colors” by Debra Kayn
•    “Trapped by Cupid” by Nicole Flockton
•    “A Demoness Matched” by Holley Trent

“Bloom” featured a charity event planner falling for a troubled former musician trying to live a simpler life. These two both needed a little something…or someone to balance out their lives.

“Laying Down His Colors” was about forbidden love between a motorcycle club member’s daughter and another member. And he’s finally ready to give it all up for her if he has to.

A hardworking nurse gets “Trapped by Cupid” in an elevator with the hot E.R. doctor all the women want. Sparks fly but there may be more to this arrogant doctor than meets the eye.

And in the last story, Calvin quit his pro baseball career while he was ahead…but it wasn’t to capitalize on the demand for his signed baseball cards. He’s avoiding the inevitable…until she lands on his front porch. The daughter of a sister wife hiding from her demon father and her succubus powers finds Mr. Perfect-for-her in “A Demoness Matched”.

This anthology was a great taste of four different authors, each with a different take on romance. The stories pack a sweet Happy For Now in succinct packages. It’s a quick, but fulfilling read just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Since the authors are new to me apart from Ms. Trent, I can’t make any comparisons between this work and their longer stories. But I will say snarky Calvin may be my favorite of Holley Trent’s heroes (so far).

Grab this if you’re looking to dip your toes in some new voices!


  1. Im usually not a fan of anologies, but this one sounds pretty good. Great review Drea :D

  2. I used to love anthologies then I stopped enjoying them. I have no idea why. I get ADD when I read one which is weird because the stories are relatively short

  3. Oh fun. Holley's a trip. Haven't seen the others so thanks for the tip :)