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Monday, February 3, 2014

January Reading Challenge Update

I signed up to read 2 series this year and have made a little bit of headway. I better step up my game though since I've only read one book from it so far!

Weather Warden Series by Rachel Caine
1. Ill Wind
2. Heat Stroke
3. Chill Factor
4. Windfall
5. Firestorm
6. Thin Air
7. Gale Force
8. Cape Storm
9. Total Eclipse

Are you participating in any 2014 challenges? If so, which?


  1. One book a month...9're golden! I'm signed up for that one too. And only got one book done for it. LOL I'm doing 4--historical romance, erotic romance, series and netgalley clean up. Made a little prog on each.

    1. Whoa that's a lot. You can do it *cheerleader*

  2. Not doin this otherwise I'll lose my mind! But good goal Mel!

  3. Awesome Melissa! Im doing 4 one out of the way. Happy reading!