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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Challenges

Happy New Years everyone! I wanted to spice things up a bit and try to read a bit more this year so I signed up for a reading challenge. I'll try to do monthly update posts, but I'll probably forget. If I sign up for any more challenges, I'll update this post.

Click the button to visit Salacious Reads and you can sign up too.

1) This challenge will begin Jan 1st thru Dec 31st, 2014.
2) Levels
    a -  2 Series
    b - 4 Series
    c - 6 Series
    d - 8 Series
    e - Pick your Pace - choose how many series you can read during the year.

3) Whatever level you choose, the goal is to complete the entire series you started before the year is out.
4) Any Genre is good.
5) Do update as much as you can, do let us know how you're coming along. A monthly post is fine.


  1. I'm doing that one too! Lord knows I need some help finishing these series up! Good luck with it :)

  2. thanks Melissa :) Good luck! hopefully I'll remember to do my own monthly posts...lols

  3. I am skipping book challenges this year coz I'm so lazy posting updates of my progress. I'll stick to the Goodreads one for now.