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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review: Lady in Red

Reviewer: Drea
Title: Lady in Red
Author: Máire Claremont
Series: Mad Passions, #2
Format: e-book
Source: Netgalley
Release Date: Oct 1, 2013
Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Length: Novel (300 pages)
Genre: Historical Romance
Preorder: AmazonBarnes & Noble
Rating: 3-stars
 photo 3star.png
Drea's Review:

A Duke's daughter should be living in the lap of luxury, not running for her life, and her sanity. But she'll get no help from her wealthy father. No, he's the one who put her in an asylum. Mary goes to the only person who can help--her dead mother's best friend. But Mary can't stay with the infamous madam without endangering them both. In steps Edward, a tormented Duke and perhaps the only person who can stand against Mary's father and help her get her life back. Edward has problems of his own that may tear about the fragile relationship these two form.

Historical romance is my bag, baby. Yeah! So when I saw this amazing cover (yeah, I admit it, I'm a cover whore), I had to have it. I quickly discovered this wasn't going to be a 5* book for me. Far too much angst in this…from both characters. I just can't get into books where the heroine is struggling with intimacy after being raped (I stay away from all books where a heroine has been raped). I should have known this was a possibility from the description, too. So that's my bad.

That said, the writing was good. The angst didn't drown out the romance. For the most part the characters didn't annoy me. If there hadn't been some strangeness with the hero's not-best-friend, I probably would have rated this higher. I give this 3*.


  1. Yes I love the cover art too, the model down to her dress & everything else is gorgeous! Too bad the story paled in comparison. I haven't read straight up historical romance in a long ass time, I can only read if it's PNR.

    P.S. Mel, you up to reading Cormorant on Dec. 7 & 8 or around that weekend?

    Happy Thanksgiving girls!

    1. Yes, that font and the swirlies, so pretty.
      I haven't read too many historical PNRs. Maybe I should hunt for a few.

  2. Oh man that is a gorgeous cover. I'm a total coverwhore here and completely okay with it. lol

    Bummer it didn't turn out to be a better read for you. I've read a few that either had rape on the pages or dealing with the after affects and they're rough.

    1. Oh, I know! Rough stuff makes me drag my feet :/

  3. the is pretty much drool worth...but I feel the same way about too much angst. It takes aways from the story for me. Rocking review Drea :)