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Friday, August 9, 2013

Review: A Love Untamed

Title: A Love Untamed (Feral Warriors #7)
Author: Pamela Palmer
Format: Paperback
Source: OUAR
Connect: Website
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Fox (formally known as Kieran) is excited when he is chosen as a Feral Warrior. He quickly goes to the Feral house and meets the other warriors and other new recruits. Generally the only time there are new Feral Warriors is when one dies, his power then goes to another person of that shifter bloodline that is the strongest of their line. So much to everyone's surprise, all of the ancient Feral Warrior shifters are reappearing and the new guys are either the best or worst of their line due to the mages (bad guys) casting a spell. Because the Feral Warrior's aren't sure who is evil, I was kept on my toes and the story kept my attention.

Fox starts out as a womanizer, but as soon as he set eyes on Melisande, his heart beats faster. Melisande is an Ilina warrior that has a mysterious past. She hates shifters, and gives the cold shoulder to pretty much everyone. When she meets Fox, she can't help her strong feelings and struggles to maintain her icy exterior. As the story progresses and they go in search of a kidnapped person, I got to know several different shifters as well as see the budding relationship between Fox and Melisande. I was initially worried that I would be lost due to this being the 7th book in the series, but much to my surprise everything was explained and made sense. I absolutely loved A Love Untamed and will be buying the rest of the series. I recommend this series to anyone that enjoys shifter books.

This review was first published at Once Upon A Romance.


  1. So did you read this out of order too? This is what I like about PNR, it can be a series but most of it can read like stand-alone. I love the name Melisandre too!


    1. Yep, I read this first lol :) I totally agree, a lot of PNR can be read out of order

  2. Good review. Never heard of this one before but it seems interesting.

    new follower via gfc

  3. I'm becoming a fan of shifter books, so I like this & I love the fact that you can read it out of order! Great review Melissa :)

  4. I have this series on my tbr list! I got to meet her earlier this year and she was such a nice lady but darn I haven't had the time. Sounds like I've really been missing out.