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Monday, August 19, 2013

Review: In His Command

Review: Drea
Title: In His Command
Author: Rie Warren
Series: Don't Tell #1
Format: paperback
Source: Netgalley
Release Date: Aug 6 2013
Publisher: Forever Yours
Length: Novel
Subgenre: M/M Futuristic Erotica
Heat level: Crazy Sexy
Buy: AmazonB&N
Rating: 5-stars
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Drea's Review:
I received this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

In the year 2070, the Purge and Plague has wiped out most of mankind. Clustered in cities run by a despotic company, humans’ focus is on breeding. And anyone not breeding is judged, sentenced, and quickly executed. Caspar has skirted the CO’s  breeding requirements because he’s a military man but that all changes when he discovers the guy who went down on him last night is not only a Company CEO, but also his next mission.

This was my first M/M story. And it was a long one (over 90k). But the author’s voice (or rather Caspar’s voice), is so engaging that I couldn't read fast enough. So many other reviewers complained about Caspar’s blunt crassness. I adored it. This isn't a romance featuring women so the narrative shouldn't behave as if it is. This is a gay romance starring a battle-hardened, emotionally scarred military man in a dystopian world.

I will warn that you should not pick this up unless you’re prepared for copious amounts of explicit gay sex. There is a ton. I mean…a ton. Most were well-written—impressively so at times. Though occasionally I’d find myself trying to picture the acrobatics these two would have to do to accomplish what was mentioned. As far as the story, the world is creative and the conflict well crafted. I can’t say the outcome was surprising but even knowing what would happen didn't stop me from enjoying it when it did. There were many times I found myself laughing. And at the end I happily bawled.


  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I have it on my review pile but had been dragging my feet after seeing a couple reviews but will have to pick it up a little sooner I think.

    herding cats & burning soup

    1. Now I'm all paranoid ;) Hope you like it too!

  2. I’d find myself trying to picture the acrobatics these two would have to do to accomplish what was mentioned.

    My imagination in this area is limited too and personally M/M just intimidates me. I feel its too intense. I've read some but it was more of a sub plot and the scenes were condensed still I'm overwhelmed by it. Its a different plane altogether. In short, I'm a Sissy!


    1. This one is definitely, definitely intense. I don't think being overwhelmed by intense M/M makes you a sissy at all! Not sure I understand why the genre is so popular. I was glad Netgalley gave me the opportunity to peek into it for free. But I suspect I liked this author's writing rather than the M/M aspect of it.

  3. I've only read one M/M romance and it was a dark one...I still enjoyed it though. Idk, maybe I'll pick another one up soon, but I haven't seen one that piqued my interest as of yet...hmm, maybe I can start with this one...

    Great review Drea :)

    1. I'd count this as fairly dark. Thanks for stopping by!