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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WoW [65] - Last Blood

Title: Last Blood
Author: Kristen Painter
Release Date: July 30th 2013

In the final showdown between the forces of dark and light, Mal and Chrysabelle face not only Tatiana, but the ancient evil that now controls her: the Castus Sanguis. Chrysabelle gathers her friends and family around her, forming a plan to bring an end to the chaos surrounding them. But the Castus is the most powerful being they've ever come up against. Defeating such evil will require a great sacrifice from someone on the side of light.

One of them will change sides. One of them will die. No one will survive unscathed. Can Chrysabelle save those she cares about or will that love get her killed? What price is she willing to pay to draw last blood?

Why I am waiting
I've been meaning to read this series since I've seen so many people love it. I bought book one a long time ago and it's still on my TBR. Book 5 (Last Blood) looks amazing, and I hate to admit it, but the covers on each book are so gorgeous. I'm a cover lover, shh don't tell.

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  1. Excellent choice! I love this series, and look forward to seeing how the series ends!