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Friday, June 7, 2013

Review: Wicked As She Wants

Title: Wicked as She Wants
Author: Delilah Dawson
Series: Blud #2
Format: Ebook
Source: Edelweiss
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Ahnastasia Feodor, the Blud Tsarina of Freesia (princess of Freesia) wakes up in a suitcase nearly drained of all her blood. After attempting to attack Casper Sterling, a drunk musician, she finds out that everyone believes that she is dead and her family was killed. Ravenna, a gypsy fortune teller is now ruling Freesia. Ahna's goal throughout the book is to get to Freesia and reclaim her royal status. Casper Sterling and his little orphan sidekick Keen lead the way with a lot of bumps in the road.

Ahnastasia's character started out as an ice princess that thought everyone was beneath her. She was uptight and to be honest not the kind of character I typically enjoy reading. Thankfully, her character evolved, or maybe I just got to know her better as the book went on. I adore Criminy Stain (from Wicked as They Come - book 1) and was intrigued and slightly tentative when I found out Casper would be a main character in Wicked as She Wants. I'll be honest, his character has come a long way from book 1 and even the novella (The Peculiar Pets of Miss Pleasance). His character has grown and I pretty much loved him from the start of this book.

One of the more entertaining scenes in the book is Casper, Ahna and Keen traveling on a flying brothel. That's right, I said a flying brothel. I never really know what to expect from D. Dawson's books plot-wise, the one thing I can count on is a amazing book that I can't put down. I highly suggest this series, and cannot wait until the next book is released.


  1. Now that I have book 1, I can binge on this! Happy weekend, girls!

  2. I loved this was really good & I totally agree, Casper came a very long way :)

    loved the review Melissa

    1. Thanks Sharonda! I wonder who the next book will be about.