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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Review: Fire and Flame

Title: Fire and Flame
Author: Anya Breton
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Everything is normal in Sara McKenna's life until her childhood rival walks into the college class she is teaching. Hearing that her father, the fire witch priest, was killed and she has to go back home isn't news she ever wanted to hear. With the people that killed her father still on the loose, her world isn't exactly safe. She and Brent (her childhood rival) were attacked just driving a few hours back to her father's house. Add the fact that they can't be in the same room without getting on each others nerves leads to an interesting read.

Brent is a hottie, literally. He's a fire witch that has taken over the coven that Sara's father lead. Being the new fire witch priest is a lot of responsibility, one of which is looking after Sara. To be honest in the beginning I wasn't sure if the two could be in the same room, much less romantically involved since they haven't gotten along since childhood. Somehow, Anya managed to convince me and made me root for them. There are quite a few obstacles in their way throughout the book, which I enjoyed since I dislike books that have a fairy tale romance from the get go.

Don't be confused by the cover, Fire and Flame isn't erotica. It is however an awesome read that anyone who enjoys romance books with witches in it will enjoy. Oh and did I mention it's free right now (until 06/08/13)? Go get this awesome freebie while you can!

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