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Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: Music of the Heart

Title: Music of the Heart
Author: Katie Ashley
Series: Runaway Train #1
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Abby Renard, a musician, goes to a music festival to join her brothers and see if she wants to join their band and live in the spotlight. She hops on the tour bus in the wee hours and lets the guys sleep. After tumbling into bed and being molested by a random guy, she quickly discovers that she was lead to the wrong tour bus. While working out all the details with the members of the band Runaway Train and her brothers via phone, Abby and Jack agree to a bet. Jack bets that Abby cannot last a week on a tour bus with a rock band. Abby being hard headed and wanting to prove herself, she agrees.

Jake Slater, the lead singer of the band Runaway Train is a womanizer. Little did he expect his polar opposite to walk onto his bus and tempt him. The sparks instantly fly and I found myself hoping they would be able to figure everything out and make things work. Abby's life is going to change to a musician's life, constantly on tour with a band and singing in front of thousands of people. Riding along with Runaway Train gives her first hand experience without all the worries of actually preforming.

Music of the Heart is a must read for anyone wanting a bad boy, rock star in their life. I freaking loved every second of the book and cannot wait to read more from Katie Ashley. I'm hoping book two is released soon - I really want to read AJ's story.

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