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Friday, May 10, 2013

Buddy Review: Walking Disaster

The lovely BeachBumReads suggested we read Walking Disaster together and do a buddy review. We did, so prepare yourself for the best review ever!

Ana: Welcome, welcome. Tod—

Mel: Today we are talking about hookers. I mean Walking Disaster! And possibly some hoe bags that Travis likes to uhhh. Oops.

Ana: *shakes head* uuhhhh....yeah. *coughs*


Ana: Mhm! Sexy times! woohooo! For those of you who don’t know, Jamie McGuire released her new novel WALKING DISASTER *fan girling* 

Mel: HOLY SHIT THE PICTURE MOVES! I’m the one on the right - just FYI.

Ana: lol it does! WHAT IS THIS MAGICS?!?! haha -- Lol. Fine by me! The one on the left is fangirling HARDER!

Mel: DAMN YOU! ;)

Ana: ;) -- So... excuse us and please feel free to fangirl along with us. We just can’t seem to get enough of Travis Maddox... yes, we’re leaving out the “Madd Dog” nickname since we know he doesn’t like that nonsense!

Mel: Being introduced to Travis Maddox in Beautiful Disaster left me wanting more. When I found out Walking Disaster was the same story told in Travis’s POV I was ecstatic. The actual storyline told in Walking Disaster stayed true to the events that happened, thank goodness. There were extras thrown in that were basically events that Travis did on his own (without Abby).

Ana: I agree. I think I really needed Travis’ POV. Abby was a bit... much for me. But you automatically see from Travis’ eyes, how he see’s Abby. She’s not as whiny or ehh in Walking Disaster as she is in Beautiful Disaster.

Mel: Being able to see what Travis was thinking made me understand why he reacted the way he did. In Beautiful Disaster I thought Travis was a little bit nuts, even though I still loved him long time.

Ana: I loved Walking Disaster, but if you’re new to Jamie McGuire, I would suggest you read Beautiful Disaster first. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Lol. But in all seriousness, don’t reading WD first. You’ll be so lost, you’re gonna wanna hitchhike to the nearest clue. The timing of events is all there, but if you didn’t read BD, some of what’s happened will be lost on you.

Mel: I agree, Beautiful Disaster has to be read first to fully understand what the heck is going on and why.

Ana: THE MADDOX BROTHERS! *swoon* Can I just... eat them up?? They’re so...ahhh. YES please. I’ll have an appetizer of Thomas and Travis, and entre of Tyler and Taylor and Trenton for dessert. Nom nom nom.

Mel: Bishy, you can’t call dibs on ALL of the brothers. Share a least one with me! I loved that WD had Travis’s brothers in the mix. I read this on JMcGuire’s FAQ: “I have plans to write novels for the Maddox brothers in the future as well.” *fans self* I’m hoping that happens soon, I’m going to have withdrawals if not.

Ana: Oh, I mean... it’s a dinner for two ;) -- And YES *fangirling* ahh. I need me some more Maddox brothers! Thank you JMcGuire!

We’re gonna keep this review short and sweet. If you’ve read Beautiful Disaster then stop wasting precious time and pick up Walking Disaster. MUST READ for 2013! READ IT NOW! *compelling you to buy the book* 

… Are you compelled yet? NO?!

How about now? GOOOOOD! GO BUY THE BOOK!


Ana: Well, Mel. I had a blast reading WD with you, even if you finished it, like, a whole day ahead of me ;( BUUUT, what are you rating this bad boy?


Ana: Holy SHAT! *starts collecting stars* -- Well, there you have it folks! ONE MILLION STARS for Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire. Love you some bad boy loving? Pick up this novel! BUT, if you’re a complete noob to JMcGuire, then you should totally pick of Beautiful Disaster FIRST! FIRST, FIRST, FIRST!


*sings* lalalalala the boys are waiting lalalalala
Don’t forget to bring your milkshakes! The Maddox brothers will be coming to your yards ;)

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