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Friday, March 22, 2013

Review / Giveaway: Pooka in My Pantry

Title: Pooka In My Pantry
Author: R.L. Naquin
Series: A Monster Haven Story #2
Release Date: March 25, 2013
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Zoey, an empath wedding planner is knee deep in the Hidden's world. She is surrounded by creatures that need her help. Her pool is occupied by a sea serpent, she has a live in closet monster, and don't get me started on the awesome skunk ape body guard that lives in the woods named Iris (I love Iris, now you know). Helping the Hidden is rapidly becoming the norm in Zoey's life. Yet when the leprechaun mafia rolls into town everything starts going down the drain. Zoey has to figure out how to fix things when everything could be on the line.

Pooka In My Pantry is a strong follow up to Monster In My Closet. The series definitely needs to be read in order so the reader knows what certain creatures are and why they are there. The main reason I adore this series is that the characters come to life. I can easily picture what is going on and get sucked into the book. RL Naquin manages to bring a fresh perspective into the Urban Fantasy genre and I cannot wait for the next book.

About the Author:
Rachel’s head is packed with an outrageous amount of useless Disney trivia. She is terrified of thunder, but not of lightning, and tends to recite the Disneyland dedication speech during storms to keep herself calm. She finds it appalling that nobody from Disney has called yet with her castle move-in date.

Originally from Northern California, she has a tendency to move every few years, resulting in a total of seven different states and a six-year stint in England. Currently, she’s planning her next grand adventure. Rachel has one heroic husband, two genius kids, several annoyed cats, and an imaginary dog named Waffles.

She doesn’t have time for a real dog.

1 set of Monster Haven Books (book 1 & book 2)
5 ebook copies (winner's choice) Monster In My Closet OR Pooka In My Pantry
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  1. Great review, Mel. EEKK. I always liked the title for this one. o.O An empath wedding planner. That' And interesting ^_^ I'd definitely need to read the first book though.


  2. I know how much you love this series, I haven't read book 1 yet!

    Miss you Mel! Much!


    1. You better read it :D I miss you too ladyface! We need to catch up <333

  3. Oooh BOTH. *enters tout de suite*