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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: The Cowboy and the Princess

Reviewer: Melissa Mason
Title: The Cowboy and the Princess (Jubilee, Texas #2)
Author: Lori Wilde
Publisher: Avon
ISBN: 9780062047779
Release Date: July 2012
Genre/Sub-genre: Contemporary Romance
Year/Setting: Present day / Jubilee, TX
Overall Rating: 4.0
Sexual Content Rating: Subtle
Language (Profanity/Slang) Content Rating: Negligible
Violent Content Rating: Negligible
Lori's Website:

Princess Annabella of Monesta is hiding out in Texas to experience how everyday people live. The fantasy she has had all of her life is having a sexy cowboy to be her man. So her only mission when she runs away is to get a job and land a hunky cowboy. While I do live in Texas, I can honestly say it isn't all ranches like most books put it to be. Thankfully The Cowboy and the Princess didn't fully portray the entire state to be that way.

Brady Talmadge has 5 unbreakable rules in life. He quickly breaks the first 3 just by picking up Annie Coste (aka Princess Annabella of Monesta) near a truck stop. As a truck driver, Brady's life is lonely on the road, though he has friends scattered around the US because of it. He and Annie stop in Jubilee, TX to stay with some of Brady's friends and relax. Though I can't account for everyone's thoughts, I personally wouldn't bring a stranger to a close friend's house for several weeks. Annie quickly acclimates herself in their life by working for his friend's wife, while Brady works on healing horses.

The Cowboy and the Princess is an entertaining read that had me quickly reading so I could see what would happen next. The relationship between Brady and Annabella is tentative and sweet, though wraps up a little bit too pretty. All in all I loved The Cowboy and the Princess and look forward to reading more in the series.

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  1. Are you sure your neighbor is not the princess? I love books set in my town. It makes the fantasy a little bit more real. On thebother hand cowboys aren't my thing. Mountain men only! LOL

    1. I agree! I love reading books set in TX, or even watching movies set in TX :D Though generally not the everyone lives in the country type of aspect. You'll find your mountain man! :D

  2. lol. wrapped up too pretty eh? I don't mind pretty wrapping paper. lol. This one seems interesting. I do love cowboys *wipes brow* I think I read a different book with this same title and it was a historical western romance and was damned good. Not that I'm comparing or anything lol. Great review girly


    1. lol! Thanks hun. I'll be sending you this one :)