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Monday, January 28, 2013

Currently Reading [43]

Title: The Guardian and the Dream Crawler
Author: S.L. Lewis

In the magical realm known as Eden, witches and wizards were protected from the demon realms by a powerful wizard known as the Guardian. Like clockwork, Guardians were replaced in every generation until the death of Logan triggered a prophecy the Wizarding Council always feared.

Daniel Smith and his family were then ripped from Eden and sent to live in the human world for their own protection until he came of age. Daniel had grown used to his non-magical life until a new History teacher arrived at Greenfield High revealing his true identity as the next Guardian.

As Daniel’s world begins to unravel around him, he has to deal with hiding his secret from his friends, a school bully wanting to make his life hell and the small matter of a demonic Dream Crawler feasting on his hometown. Welcome to the world of Daniel Smith, the Wizarding Guardian.


  1. Is this any good? There are a lot of PNR books around but a lot of them are either wannabes or poor copies of some other UF/PNR and I'm getting exhausted wading through them.

    1. Pretty good so far, it's YA and reminds me of a few things. I'm getting bits of Harry Potter (very powerful young wizard living in the human realm), and Buffy (new teacher is secretly there to help and train him). Still have about half to read so I'm sure there will be more ;)