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Friday, October 12, 2012

Review: Goddess of Love

PhotobucketTitle: Goddess of Love
Author: P.C. Cast
Series: Goddess Summoning #5
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I found the Goddess Summoning series last year and haven't been disappointed with any of the books yet. Goddess of Love was a light, entertaining read that fulfilled my need for romance with mythology. 

Venus, the Goddess of Love isn't satisfied with her marriage of convenience. After a talk with her gal-pal Persephone about the wonderful kingdom of Tulsa she tags along on a shopping spree. Little did she expect to hear a mousy, awkward woman summoning the Goddess of Love for help. 

Pea Chamberlain lusts after Griffin, the sexy fireman that rescued her dog from a tree. Her issue is she seems to embarrass herself every time he is around. One of the scenes had me laughing yet cringing on Pea's behalf. 

"The huge phallus rolled out of the bag to land, vibrating cheerfully, at the feet of a man who was so exceptionally handsome that Venus wondered that she hadn't noticed him earlier."

Goddess of Love is like the other books in this series, there are 4 main characters and it's basically two romance stories mixed into one. Each story has it's own twist, so the series is actually decent and doesn't seem repetitive. This book seems to have a lot more humor than the others, so I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys mythology mixed in their romance.

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