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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Review: Y's Punishment

Y's Punishment

Title: Y's Punishment
Author: Anya Breton
Series: Randy's Diner #1
Rating: 4/5

Amber, a graphic designer is demoted when a client requests a different person be the lead on his project. As a gift to cheer her up, Amber receives a cryptic note, a gift card to Randy's Diner and $100 for Y's tip from her friend. The diner isn't a typical diner, the patrons can do almost anything to the employees. Much to Amber's surprise the waiter, Y, happens to be the guy that caused her demotion. The book has revenge, naughty scenes and interesting characters. Do not pass this book up!

Y's Punishment needs to come with a warning. I planned on reading a few pages and next thing I knew I was almost done because I had to find out what happened next. I can't wait to read the next book in the series (A's Surrender) which comes out August 5th, 2012.

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