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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dirty Little Secret [7]

Dirty Little Secret is a weekly meme hosted by us at Under the Covers. Every Thursday we get to know other bloggers and our readers more intimately by asking them a question hoping to reveal their dirty little secrets.  We hope that you will all join us!

To participate in the meme all you need to do is:

1. Be a follower of Under the Covers.
2. Create a post in your blog taking the meme image (code above) and copy instructions.
3. Answer the question we propose! This can be done in any way you like, post a video, write a post etc.
4. Then add your link below.

This week's question:

"Book abuse!  What's the worst thing you've done to a book."

The worst thing I've done intentionally is dog ear my paperback books.
Accidentally - I've spilled water on a book before and it didn't turn out so great.
What about you? What is the worst you've done?


  1. We've all done "dog ear". =(
    we should be ashamed. LOL

  2. Oops, water is definitely not so good :/ ... But if it can be of any consolation, I'm finding out that lots of people use to dog-ear their books.

    New follower! :)

    1. I was so mad at myself for getting water on it. It was one of those books that I fell in love with and would re-read. Thanks hun! <3

  3. I agree with Sylvia, a lot of people this week have come out and said they dog-ear their books. I try to use anything handy to mark the spot...a paperclip, post it note, scrap of paper, I've even had to use money when I forgot to bring a bookmark with me.


    1. I did the money thing for awhile since my purse was always close by. I had to quit doing that and go back to doing dog ears. I kept losing my money and having to dig through my books to find it lol

  4. When you spilled water on it, doesn't the pages get all wrinkly? LOL I hate when that happens!