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Friday, May 11, 2012

Where There's Smoke Review

TN Where Theres Smoke

Title: Where There's Smoke
Author: Karen Kelley
Rating: 3/5

Destiny Carter is kicked out of Hell and told she needs to corrupt one person or she will not move up in the demon hierarchy. Destiny is sent to Ft. Worth, TX and given a week to meet her goal. One of the first places she sees is a bar, and what better place to meet easily corrupted souls than at a bar? She meets a cowboy named Chance that is hunky and just what she is looking for. Little does Destiny know that Chase is an nephilim (half angel, half human) and has a plan of his own.

Chase plans to convince Destiny that Hell isn't as great as she believes. He has one week to convince her to change her mind and to save her soul. There is a rather large problem, and that is the attraction that he feels towards Destiny is interfering with what he needs to do. Will he be able to not act on his attraction, and save her soul?

This book is a race against the clock since both characters have only a week to get the other person's soul. It shows the human side of Destiny, how she reacts to dates with Chase, how she deals with a nosy neighbor who she befriends eventually, etc. It also shows the strain on Chase since he is trying not to combine business with pleasure, and having such a hard time. I enjoyed reading this book and suggest it if you like this type of content.

Warning: There is a lot of sexual content in this book.

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