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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Black Dagger Brotherhood Blog Hop GIVEAWAY!

I was super excited about this blog hop when I saw it. I do however know that some of you guys are not aware of this series so I thought I would give a review of the first book.

Dark Lover is the beginning of a pretty amazing series called the Black Dagger Brotherhood. The main characters in Dark Lover are Wrath and Beth. Throughout the series there are different main characters in each book, though it does include most/all of the other characters that you become familiar with as you read. (ie: Book 1 = Wrath, Book 2 = Rhage, Book 3 = Zsadist, etc.)

On to the review!

Wrath is a pureblood vampire who is king to a watered down line of vampires. He is in charge of the brothers, who are vampire warriors that protect their race and fight the bad guys. One of the brothers, Darius, asks Wrath to look after Beth (his daughter) for him, while the King scoffs a little he listens to reason and checks it out. Little does Wrath know that Beth is everything he is looking for in a woman.

Beth, a half human is unaware of her vampire side. She is not prepared for the changes that she will face, and she needs help. Beth is a journalist who is looking into a violent crime. She is a strong character that I find perfectly suited for Wrath. She keeps him in place, which someone needs to!

The writing changes prospective from Wrath to Beth to even other people. There are bits in the book that are in the bad guys perspective. The bad guys are called the Lessening Society (aka Lessers) who are ruled by the Omega, their all mighty evil overlord. While you might think the change in point of view would be confusing, I found it let me get a grasp of what each person was thinking and basically walk in their shoes. I felt that I was able to understand the characters better.

The way JR Ward writes made me so intrigued in all of the characters. I got a feel for each brother as I read and I wanted to know more about their stories. That is easily remedied by reading that person's book in the series.

*Please note that this series has sexual content quite a bit. If that is a no go for you, then I suggest you do not read this book!
*There are terms used throughout the entire series that will make no sense to you if you do not look at the glossary. It is slightly difficult to remember the terms used and their definitions. Luckily, Ward puts a glossary which you will put to good use until you are familiar with the wording. (ex: shellan, doggen, etc.)
*You will stay up and read this book, good luck putting it down.

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  1. Please post away to contact you

  2. Thank you so much for participating in this hop and for the amazing giveaway chance! I've made it through book #3, and can't wait to continue the series. I love the brotherhood!!

    For some reason, rafflecopter won't let me "like" blog posts, so I was unable to complete that task :( I've tried restarting my computer, etc., but it's been a problem for over a week now, and it's been on every contest I've entered. GRR!

    GFC follower robertsongena

    Gena Robertson

    1. Thanks Gena! I am addicted to the series. I will cry if JR Ward stops writing them any time soon.

      That is too weird about rafflecopter, hope it works for you soon.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway!

    gfc red headed bookworm

  4. I can't wait to read Lover Reborn...LOVE J.R. Ward and BDB's! Thx for the giveaway op! :)

    barbbattaglia @

    1. No problem, glad to be a part of the blog hop. I love giveaways, so I thought I would include one lol

  5. I have just started this series so I am very excited to see where it goes. Thanks for sharing your review, being a part of the hop and for the giveaway opportunity.

    1. Thanks for posting and entering! I hope you enjoy the series.

  6. I am ashamed to say that I am new to BDB and have lots of catching up to do. I am excited to be starting the series. I can’t wait!
    bournmelissa AT hotmail DOT com

    1. No reason to be ashamed! It just means you get to read the next book faster since she has quite a few out :) I hope you enjoy the series!

  7. Thank you so much. I have not read this series yet, but I do have a couple in my TBR pile.
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

    1. Good luck on the giveaway, and I hope you enjoy the series :)