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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How To: Book Safe

Things you need:
Elmer's Glue
Paint Brush
Xacto Knife
Cardstock (optional)
Double sided tape (optional)

Step 1: Buy a book - Goodwill and Half Price Books both have a nice selection for cheap books. Check out the clearance section at Half Price Books for the dollar books. Garage/Yard/Estate sales also have pretty cheap books most of the time.

Step 2: Take your Xacto knife and cut the pages in the desired shape. You will continue doing this until you reach the last page. Trim any stragglers until it looks as perfect as what you want (you can do this with scissors if you want). I took a post card and cut around it since the shape was perfect.

Step 3: Now that all of the pages are cut it is time to glue! If using a hard back book put the dust jacket back on and glue the back flap down on the inside of the back of the book.

Step 4: Drizzle glue lightly around the last paper page of the book (facing the back cover). Take your paint brush and spread the glue to cover the entire last paper page. Press it firmly against the back of the book so it sticks.
  • Optional: If you are not lining the inside walls of your book with cardstock I would recommend you do this after Step 4. Glue a piece of card stock so that is what you see when you open the safe. It will show as the bottom of the hole and give it a nice finished look.

Step 5: Apply glue to the paint brush and spread the glue all along the inside cuts you made. You will need to put quite a bit so it holds it firmly. Gently lift the pages slightly along the cuts you made and apply glue randomly throughout the pages (near the edges of where you cut ONLY)!

Step 6: Allow to dry

Step 7 (OPTIONAL): While letting the glue dry, measure the hole (length, width and depth) so you can cut your card stock to fit it. Cut a rectangle on the card stock paper that suits your length + depth, and width + depth. Fold the paper so each side has the allotted depth.

  • I used some of my leftover scrapbooking paper. My inner space was 6" x 4" with a 1" depth on each side. This means that I had to cut a 8" x 6" rectangle on the card stock so I could cover the inside. I then folded all 4 sides by one inch.

Step 8 (OPTIONAL): On all 4 sides (in the CORNER ONLY) you will need to make a cut the length of the depth. This allows you to use the flaps so the paper creates a rectangle bowl shape. Tape the flaps together so it holds that shape. Check to make sure it fits! If it does not fit you will need to make minor adjustments such as folding a little bit more if one side does not fit in the hole. Apply double sided tape (or spread glue) to all 4 sides sticking up as well as the bottom. Place it into the hole and press firmly so it will stay in place!

Step 9: Fill it with whatever you want and go put it on your bookshelf!
Closed picture of book safe

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