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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 2012 MyGlam

Here is a peek at what is in the February 2012 MyGlam bag.
  • The Premier products appear to be little samples.
  • X Out looks to be a deluxe sample.
  • NYX Roll on Shimmer is full size.
    • 30% Off Coupon Code: GLAMMENYX
  • Freeman Face Mask is a one time use sachet.
  • NuMe "Gift Card": $100 off a styling tool or hair extensions.

    Premier Eye Cream: I will not be using this, it will probably be given away.
    Premier Instant Stretching and Revitalizing Mask: I will not be using this since some people said it burned really badly when they used it. No thanks!

    X Out - Shine Control: I will use this to help keep shine at bay. I'm not super excited to be getting a proactive brand product, but I will give it a try.
    NYX Roll on Shimmer - PURPLE: Gorgeous color that I will use. Some people are posting that it has huge glitter, but mine does not seem to. Now to just figure out how to wear it since it is a roller ball applicator.
    Freeman Facial Enzyme Mask - Pineapple: I received the pineapple Freeman mask. I'm deathly allergic to pineapples. I know companies like MyGlam/Birchbox/etc cannot do anything about products that people might be allergic to, so it does not really upset me. I will probably try to switch it out at Walmart or Walgreens/CVS.

    NuMe Gift Card/Coupon: I'm not too thrilled about the NuMe "gift card"/coupon. The cheapest styling tool is the mini flat iron for $115. Which means you have to actually pay for the left over amount.  So you would pay $15, plus the shipping & handling which is $12. I will not be using this. If you really want this coupon code let me know and I will send it to you.

    February Shipping:
    MyGlam claims that they will have shipped out all bags by the end of this week, so 2/17/12 or 2/19/12. I emailed them about it since it doesn't take very long to get a tracking number from most companies. This was MyGlam's copy/paste response which I saw someone else post on MyGlam's Facebook (they sent me this exact message too).

    "You're on our shipping list for February, so you'll be receiving your Glam Bag shortly. The Glam Bags are still being shipped out throughout the end of the week. The shipping is standard ground via USPS and UPS, so you should get your bag within 5 to 7 business days after it ships. You will receive an email with tracking information once your tracking number is activated. Thank you so much! xoxo
    Amy with MyGlam"

    Thanks for not actually answering my question and just giving me a generic email. :( I am not very impressed with how they handle interaction with their customers (subscribers). The products seem to be going downhill fast so we will see how long I stay. I don't want to unsubscribe, because you know that will be the month that it will go smoothly and they send out something awesome.


    1. Honestly i thought this bag would be a lot better.. for a valentines theme.. they should have gone with all makeup.. lol.. and if you get the pineapple and i get mango.. I will trade you if you like =) dont want you to get an allergic reaction lol

      1. Aww thanks! I think I'll be able to switch it out at Walmart or somewhere that sells it, so no worries. Though very sweet of you! :)

        I was expecting make up too, so I am not super excited. Maybe when I get it I will change my mind. Hopefully next month's bag is better.

    2. aww you did get the pineapple one!!.. i got the goji berry.. love the scent =).. i hope you can switch it out at walgreens or riteaid.. I havent heard about the premier burning.. now im scared to use it ><.. the x-out is no use to me =.= i dont have shine i have super dry skin lol

      And myglam is starting to annoy me.. even though i have received every single one of my bags and have had no problem with them.. but it bothers me that none of the "myglam stylist" are saying anything to us about the issues.. or trying to calm their subbies down.. Obviously a lot of the "glammies" are their subbies... bleh whatever i guess.. sorry for venting on your blog lol !

      1. It has happened to a few people with sensitive skin as far as I have heard. It made me scared to use it so I just passed it along. I might just give away the pineapple mask to my boyfriend's sister. She will probably enjoy it. Hope next month is better!

        I honestly don't think the gurus have any clue what is going on with the business aspect of MyGlam. That and they're just ignoring the issues when subscribers bring them up. I keep hoping it is going to get better, but I'm not sure if it will. It feels like MyGlam is not doing anything to correct their errors. *shrugs* No worries about venting, all of those thoughts have run through my mind too haha :)