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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics

I ran into this company while watching some random YouTube video a few months ago. I was intrigued but didn't purchase it. Someone on MakeUpTalk (a makeup forum) posted about it and I was like oh yeah, I wanted to try that company out! I got lucky because they had a coupon code listed for $25 off of a $50 order.

You can buy individually but it is better if you buy multiple products.

Here is the price breakdown for their products:
2 Products = $19.95
3 Products = $29.95
4 Products = $39.95
5 Products = $49.95

They also have "looks" that they sell as a bundle for $50 each. This includes 5 products and they show you how sexy you can be by showing a picture of a lady wearing that makeup. Anyway, I purchased the look called "The Bold and the Beautiful", which totaled to $25 after the coupon. Plus they do free shipping on orders over $19, and it arrives super fast. I ordered and got mine within 3 days!

Coupon Code = bombshell

What comes in this "look"?

The Bold and the Beautiful
1. Lip Gloss - Last Call Girl
2. Mascara - Onyx
3. Eyeliner - Onyx
4. Blush - Blind Date
5. Eye Shadow - Rock Bottom

1. Lip Gloss - Last Call Girl: Super pigmented, it isn't a color I am really comfortable wearing, but it is still gorgeous. It is super glossy, and a little goes a LONG way. Do not apply a ton of it on or you will waste quite a bit.

2. Mascara - Onyx: Not too bad! It lengthens, and makes the eyelashes look pretty good. No complaints.

3. Eyeliner - Onyx: I am in LOVE with this eyeliner. It is seriously like a felt tip pen that gives off a dark line that doesn't smudge. I am super picky about eye liner since my eye lids tend to get oily and make me look like a raccoon if I'm wearing any eyeliner. I can already tell I will be buying more of this.
4. Blush - Blind Date: Very pigmented, so use a little and build it up if you want color. Gorgeous shade and cute little case.

5. Eye Shadow - Rock Bottom: This eye shadow is really pretty. I wasn't sure since it is a coral-tan color but I am a believer now. I have worn it almost every day since I got it. It goes on smoothly, does not look caked on, has not creased or anything.
Eyeliner, Blush Swatch

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