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Friday, November 25, 2011

Walgreens Register Rewards

So I recently discovered Walgreen's Register Rewards. This is a complex program, but totally worth it if you figure it all out. If you buy Item A as one transaction, then use the Register Reward (coupon) that printed off of it on another Item A, you will NOT get another coupon. I believe you can roll them though.
Buy Item A // Buy Item B + Use Item A Coupon // Buy Item A + Use Item B Coupon

I am not sure if it will print 2 coupons if you buy two of the same Register Rewards items in one transaction. Also, Register Rewards coupons EXPIRE, so look at the date before you stash it away to use later. You cannot use Register Rewards on everything, some things that are excluded are tobacco, and alcohol, there are more so look on the coupon for more details.

Below are the transactions that I have done / will be doing. They do not include tax, so add that into your scenario as you see fit.

Transaction 1
$4.99 Revlon Lipstick ($4 coupon received)
Paid $4.99

Transaction 2
-$4.00 Coupon USED
2/$3.00 Hair Ties ($3 coupon received)
3/$1.99 wrapping paper
Paid $0.99

Transaction 3
-$3.00 Coupon USED
$3.00 Colgate ($3 coupon received)
Paid $0.00

Transaction 4
-$3.00 Coupon USED
$2.00 Dentek Floss Picks ($2 coupon received)
$1.50 Oral B toothbrush ($1.50 coupon received)
Paid $0.50

Transaction 5
-$3.50 Coupon USED
$2.50 Crest 3D White Vivid Toothpaste ($2.50 coupon received)
$0.99 Advil PM 4ct ($0.99 coupon received)
$0.01 OVERAGE (They owe you)

Transaction 6
-$3.49 Coupon USED
$3.29 EOS Lip Balm
Something else that is cheap

Paid: $6.48
Cost of all the stuff you got?: $23.46+

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