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Sunday, October 2, 2011


I went to Sephora today and fell in love with two products. I have been on the hunt for a great mascara and found one today at Sephora. Not only does it have a super cute packaging and tube, it looks amazing on. The wand has 3 bumps, and it helps give extra curl. The color is black, but it is a glossy black. Do not freak out, but there are fibers in the mix, that is supposed to help lengthen your lashes. Try it before you buy it, it is sold at Sephora if you are in the USA.
Not only that, I found a great fragrance while in the line at Sephora. I by chance picked up a tiny little perfume bottle and smelled it. It smelled heavenly! I am talking about Tocca - Florence. 0.51 fl oz was $15, and well worth it, I cannot wait to use this on a regular basis. I cannot help but to keep smelling it.

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