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Friday, July 1, 2011

Lush Cosmetics - Shampoo / Conditioner

As promised, I have come back to talk more about some Lush products that I love! Today, I am going to cover two products in their shampoo line, and one from their conditioner line. I loved them very much, and hope you guys will try them out.



16.9 fl oz ~ $27.95, 8.4 fl oz ~ $18.95, 3.3 fl oz ~ $8.95

This comes in different sizes, I bought the smallest version so I could try it out and I know when I run out I will be buying more! This is slightly off putting when you first pour some in your hand, it is a DARK violet color and is kind of intimidating. It smells amazing, and though it doesn't lather as much as a normal shampoo you can tell it leaves your hair clean. I noticed that it left my hair very soft, and shiny. The smell also sticks with your hair for hours, my boyfriend came up to me the other night and just kept smelling my hair because "it smells so good".

Not sure if you want to try that out? Try a solid shampoo!

1.9 oz ~ $9.95

This one lathers really well, lasts quite a long time (a few months) and leaves your hair silky soft, and shiny. The smell is okay, but it just made my hair feel great. All you do is get your hair wet, and rub it onto your hair, you will notice the lather bubbles right away. PS: They add real seaweed into the bar, to help make your hair super soft and silky!


3.3 fl oz ~ $8.95, 8.4 fl oz ~ $18.95, 16.9 fl oz ~ $26.95

This conditioner you just need a little bit of when using, so the bottle will last you quite awhile. It might seem like you aren't putting much on that your entire head isn't covered in it, but trust me it will be! It has a light lemon scent that is pleasant. I noticed the very first time that I used it that it helps detangle hair, as well as add shine. This is a must have product!

I hope this helps some of you that are on the fence about buying Lush products!
If you have any questions let me know, and I will be happy to answer.

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